Get Smart: How Well Done Positions Schools for Success

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How Well Done Positions School for Success

We choose to work with clients who make the world a better place, and we believe that education is one of the best ways to make that happen. After all, the availability and quality of education in a community can have a dramatic impact on the world at large.

This isn’t new territory for us. Our president and founder Ken Honeywell served for years on the board of the Southeast Neighborhood School of Excellence, a charter school here in Fountain Square. And over the years, we’ve done branding and marketing work for educational institutions of all levels: pre-school (Early Learning Indiana), elementary and high school (Tindley Accelerated Schools), and college (Ball State University).

These experiences have helped us to consider education from all sides—and it came in handy during 2016, when we worked with an unprecedented number of education clients. These organizations recognized us as an agency that understood their unique marketing needs, and trusted us to get things right.

The Mind Trust
2016 marked The Mind Trust’s 10th anniversary. They approached Well Done with the desire to boost brand awareness and introduce themselves to new audiences. We helped them highlight the great work they’re doing in Indianapolis through a multi-media campaign that is engaging audiences and driving them to learn more about the The Mind Trust at its website.The Mind Trust Well Done Marketing Work

Herron and Riverside High Schools
Herron High School is a true Indianapolis success story: a charter school that has also actively engaged citizens and helped revitalize its community. Now Herron is in the process of opening a second school, Riverside High School, to continue that success.

Well Done is working with Herron to create a cohesive brand platform as it makes the transition from a single charter school into a two-school charter network. We’re also developing new school logos that will identify each school as distinct brands, yet part of the same family. And as Riverside continues to forge ahead, we’ll provide media training for the staff, as well as ongoing media support and press releases.

Ivy Tech
For the Ivy Tech Foundation of Central Indiana, fundraising is critical to its ability to award scholarships. Well Done worked with them to develop their annual Evening in Paris event, providing all video and collateral for an event that raises scholarship funds for hospitality and culinary students at the school. 

We’re also working with the statewide Ivy Tech Foundation on materials for their Florida Friends event. The annual golf scramble in Bonita Springs, Florida, is another way the school raises money for scholarships.

Ivy Tech Florida Friends Well Done Marketing Work

Marian University’s Adult Programs
Marian University’s Adult Programs wanted to increase their enrollment. To accomplish this, we put together a Google Ad Words and digital marketing campaign (have we mentioned that we are a certified Google partner?) that resulted in big gains in conversion rates. Thanks to our digital strategy team, we helped Marian University increase the number of leads for the spring semester, and we’re currently working toward the same goal for the fall.

Avondale Meadows Academy
Success always brings new challenges, and that’s been the case for Avondale Meadows Academy, a charter school serving grades K-6. The school has been so successful, in fact, that in 2014 that they made the leap to open the new Vision Academy at Riverside, which added seventh and eighth grades to their roster.

With Vision Academy’s success, Avondale Meadows Academy decided to open a middle school of their own. But with three schools on the horizon, and one still in need of a name, they decided it was time to bring in Well Done.

In addition to helping them name the new middle school, Well Done is also providing the growing network with a branding and messaging platform that will include logos and identity elements for each school. And when it comes time to recruit new students, we’ll be there to help.

Early Learning Indiana
A couple of years ago, Well Done helped Day Nursery transform its brand into Early Learning Indiana, the state’s leading early childhood education advocacy group. Early this year, ELI enlisted us again—this time to develop Partnerships for Early Learners, a website that serves parents and families, early educators, community members, and other early learning programs seeking out best practices.

The website also connects families with high quality early learning programs in the state. It’s a powerful tool, but only the first piece of a larger puzzle. As Early Learning Indiana continues to expand into an organization that partners with others to ensure young people get good early educations, we’ll be there to help.Partnerships Early Learning Center WDM Work The Experts in Education Marketing
What will this year bring? That’s up to you. If you’d like to put Well Done’s educational expertise to work for your school, organization, or nonprofit, we’d love to help you make the world a better place. Come talk to us.