A Look Back at 2016

3 min read

Tis the season for reflection and celebration. Here at Well Done, we indulged in a little of both yesterday. In the lull between the charcuterie and main course at Bluebeard during our annual holiday luncheon, I shared the highlights of my first full year with the team. And now I’m sharing them with you.

We welcomed six new people to Well Done this year. While we also had to say goodbye to a few good people, we did welcome back our first boomerang employee. (Welcome back, Kristin!)

In the past 12 months, here’s what else we’ve done:

  • Tracked nearly 46,000 hours
  • Reorganized (sort of) (twice)
  • Launched 12 websites
  • Produced an event, and a few related video surprises, to give away $1 million in the community
  • Scored national and international media coverage for our clients
  • Hosted 3 Google Connect events
  • Created 17 new logos
  • Named or renamed 3 companies
  • Brought in 16 new clients, with another three starting in January
  • AND started the Rare Marketing newsletter! (If you haven’t yet, you really should sign up to get this twice a month in your inbox.)

And while all of this is amazing and worth celebrating, there’s a whole list of other things we did this year that is equally impressive.

We’ve celebrated:

  • One college graduation and a handful of college acceptance letters,
  • A one-two finish in the Marion County Championship 100-meter breast stroke,
  • A top 3 finish in Indy’s Hottest Kitchen Entrepreneur Challenge,
  • Two engagements,
  • One wedding,
  • Two new babies,
  • AND a 25th wedding anniversary.

We also:

  • Shared first steps and climbed mountains,
  • Published a book, launched a clothing line, and created a line of tattoos,
  • Won 3 Addy’s,
  • Toasted our two new members of IndyHub’s 1828 Project for emerging leaders,
  • Received an APR professional designation,
  • Played two dozen gigs and covered the Beatles, the Stones, and David Bowie,
  • Bought two houses, renovated two more, moved into two new apartments,
  • And replaced one stolen TV,
  • Got our office treadmill back,
  • And some of us even escaped The Escape Room.

We went on youth mission trips, inspired Adventure Mamas everywhere, helped kids learn how to read and write, and hosted an entire high school at After Prom.

We donated $13,000 in cash and more than $75,000 in kind, including our first-ever “Give A Damn Grant” to Rock Steady Boxing.

We volunteered for Musical Family Tree, Horizon House, Habitat for Humanity, Tonic Ball 15, SENSE, Creative Mornings, IPS School 43, Second Helpings, Fishers Arts Council, Social Health Association of Indiana, and probably a whole lot of other places I can’t remember. That’s not even counting all the volunteering we do on our own time.

Every day we keep track of 29 kids ranging in age from less than one month to 23 years old and their assorted art projects, boyfriends/girlfriends, theatre performances, immunization records, sports, homework, music lessons, recitals, sleepovers, appointments, and internships.

Plus too many pets to count. Though I think we all wish we could see more of them around the office more often.

That’s a lot of life lived here on Virginia Avenue. Thank you for sharing some of it with us.
And here’s to another year well lived in 2017.