Recently, Hendricks Power Cooperative asked Well Done to redecorate its office. This was more than a matter of moving a few tables and chairs, however. It was an opportunity to transform a lot of blank wall space into something far greater.

When we talk about storytelling in marketing, very often our focus is outward. How do we want to introduce a company, a product, or a service to a new audience? What is the story we’re telling, and how is it best communicated?

But stories are also a powerful tool when turned inward. So when Hendricks Power Cooperative asked us to help update their office decor, we saw it as an opportunity to tell its story to one of its most important audiences: its own employees.

With Hendricks Power Cooperative supplying historical images, we approached design in two ways. First, we created a historical timeline for the co-op that runs through the building much like a museum piece. Second, we created additional graphics that emphasized the cooperative’s history, affirmed its core values, and reflected its credo: “Real people. Real power.”

The result? A fresh facelift for the building’s interior that reconnects employees to the company’s past while giving them a sense of pride in the work it’s doing today. Check out the first phase of the installation below (and let’s give a special shout-out to TKO Graphix for their amazing work).

When you’re finished, consider the ways in which you’re telling—or not telling—your own story. If you’d like to tell it better, we’re here to help.


Using photos of actual employees, we designed powerful visuals that embody the personality and spirit of Hendricks Power Cooperative.


The first panel of the hallway timeline provides an introduction to Hendricks Power Cooperative’s story.


In a hallway, graphics cover the full length of both walls to provide an immersive experience.


The crew from TKO Graphix install the timeline’s final panel.