A Look Back at a Year of Giving Back

2 min read

2016 was a busy year at Well Done. Well Done Vice President Lisa Vielee recently compiled some fascinating stats of everything we’ve been up to, including our support of local nonprofits.  

In 2016, we donated $13,000 in cash and more than $75,000 in kind to causes that we care about. And our employees volunteered their time at several organizations around town, including a recent afternoon spent preparing meals at Second Helpings.

Here’s a look at some of the projects we tackled over the past year in hopes of helping a few important Indianapolis nonprofits further their missions, spread their messages, and gain critical support.

  • Horizon House: We got to know Horizon House originally through our work with The Public Collection, and wanted to help them overcome being one of the best-kept secrets in Indianapolis. So we developed new brand positioning and messaging for them and provided a marketing plan to help them get that messaging into the world, as well as a one-page dashboard for use in development. We also wrote their year-end appeal letter.
  • Musical Family Tree: We’re neighbors with MFT in the Murphy Building, and as musicians ourselves this one is near and dear to our hearts. Earlier this year, we helped them rebrand with a new logo.
  • Compassionate Indy: We developed a new logo for this great cause, and built a website in anticipation of the Dalai Lama’s visit to Indy this past summer. Learn more here.
  • Habitat Women Build: We developed a social media plan, filmed a video for their kick-off event, designed a t-shirt for the builders, and assisted with media outreach to spread the word of the awesome work they’re doing here in Indy.
  • Rock Steady Boxing: RSB is the recipient of our first-ever “Give A Damn Grant”, and so far they’ve gotten great traction. We’re hoping for even greater success in 2017 with the launch of their new website.
  • Tonic Ball: This event has been a passion of ours since our founder, Ken Honeywell, helped launch it 15 years ago. This year, we happily designed the logo, T-shirt, and posters.

We are so fortunate to have worked with each of these nonprofits. Our hope is that we left them in a better position to succeed than when we started, because they’ve each made us better than we were before.