Now Hiring: Traffic Manager

1 min read

There is this off-duty cop that directs traffic every morning in and out of my daughter’s school. Thanks to daylight savings time I drop her off before sunrise, and lately I have noticed how gracefully he conducts traffic. His neon batons move through the dark like fluorescent conductor’s wands. He turns his body toward oncoming traffic without taking his eyes off the cars he urges through the line. He commands his surroundings with the ease of someone who is used to taking control of what could otherwise be chaos and frustration.

If you are graceful under pressure, calm and experienced, and have a smile for all the kids in the morning, Well Done needs a traffic manager (of a slightly different kind). In addition to great benefits and even better coworkers, our work almost always begins after the sun rises.

Take a look at the job description. Check out our staff bios. And if you think you can corral this bunch, drop me a note with your resume at Neon batons are totally optional.