It’s been attributed to Vince Lombardi, this idea that, when you get into the end zone, instead of celebrating like a ridiculous New England Patriot, you should act like you’ve been there before.

With this in mind: AAF Indianapolis held its 2017 American Advertising Awards program last Friday night. Well Done won six—actually, seven, and a total of nine by association—Addy Awards. They were:

Gold addys

Hotel Tango Sales Kit

The Indianapolis Foundation’s 100th Anniversary Retrospective Brochure

An inside spread of The Indianapolis Foundation’s 100th Anniversary Brochure

Tonic Ball 15 Poster

Well Done Holiday Poster & Card


silver addys

Mythic Indy Book Cover

Wabash Valley Power Association 2015 Annual Report

seventh Gold addy

We wrote the script for Mays Entertainment’s Gold Addy Award-winning Indianapolis Prize film.

Two more gold Addys by association

Our associate creative director, Amy McAdams-Gonzales, was senior design director for two Gold Addy Award-winning issues of Pattern.

Thanks so much to all the great clients who inspire us to do excellent work. We’re striving every day to to help you show the world how great you are. We’re honored when our peers agree that we’re succeeding.