Here’s To Your Health, Hancock County

1 min read

We’ve been working on hospital websites for most of a decade, and we take them very seriously.

Sure: We take every website seriously. But hospital sites are special. We know that a high percentage of visitors to any hospital site are going through a difficult time. We need to develop a site for people who might be worried or afraid, for themselves or a family member or friend. They might be looking for a doctor—maybe even an emergency room or urgent care center.

Or they might just be curious about a new procedure they saw on Facebook. Or they might want to pay a bill or check a yoga class time or look for a job or donate money or read the latest advice about staving off the flu.

And when the hospital in question is the community’s biggest, most important health resource, our responsibility is extra-great. It’s even more important that the website be the accessible, up-to-date center of health information for the entire area. It’s not just a website: It’s an incredibly important tool in maintaining and improving the health of the people who visit.

With all that in mind, a couple of weeks ago we launched a new website for Hancock Health. (Actually, we launched a couple of websites—a new one for Hancock Wellness Center, too.) We’re thrilled to have worked with the Hancock team on this site—and we’re excited about their plans to help their community become the healthiest county in Indiana.

Which means there’s more to come. The job of providing great healthcare is never finished, and neither is a hospital website. Stay tuned—and let us know what you think.