Celebrating the women of Indianapolis

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march 8 is International Women’s Day.

In the U.S., it’s also A Day Without A Woman, a one-day demonstration for economic solidarity being organized by the Women’s March on Washington.

As on most days since the inauguration, there is a lot of disagreement about A Day Without A Woman—about what to do or whether to do anything at all. Several school districts are closing because teachers are staying home. Businesses are giving PTO days to women who want to participate.

Yet many low-income workers fear for their jobs if they participate. Losing the opportunity to work is a risk some people can’t afford to spend on a symbolic gesture.

While we may not always agree on the issues facing women, or understand why others disagree with us, I would like to think we all could benefit from a little more empathy, offer more support for others in our communities, and help raise the fortunes of those less fortunate than ourselves. That’s why we at Well Done are using this day to celebrate the achievements of women and support the women in our city who are making our world an even better place. If you want to join us, here are a few places owned or co-owned by women in Indianapolis where we recommend eating and shopping today.

Café Patachou
Wildwood Market
The Tamale Place
The Best Chocolate in Town
Natural Born Juicers
Ball & Biscuit
New Day Craft
Duos Kitchen
Lemon Tree Cookies
Silver in the City
Mass Ave Knit Shop
Sage Boutique
Queen Bee Vintage
Marigold Contemporary Clothing
Global Gifts
Thrifty Threads
The Toggery
Love Your Body
The Shop
Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles
Santorini’s Greek Kitchen
La Margarita
Nicole-Taylor’s Pasta and Market
Just Pop In!
The Dancing Donut
The Flying Cupcake

This list is by no means exhaustive, of course. We know there are lots more great woman-owned restaurants and retail businesses out there. If you shop or eat at one not on the list, tell us about them so we can too.

If you want to abstain from shopping or working today to make a statement about the economic power of women, know that we support your right to your freedom of expression. And if you want to ignore the whole thing and go about your regular day, we still like you, too.

Because we will always believe in the value of a little peace, love, and understanding.