Five Reasons We Love The Bigger Picture Show

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Bigger Piure Show

This Friday, our friends at Lodge Design and the Indy Film Fest will host one of our favorite local fundraising events: The Bigger Picture Show, a silent auction of original movie poster artwork in support of the Indy Film Fest. The theme of this year’s show is music. Thus, it will feature not only posters for musicals but also for narrative movies in which music plays a key role (think Dirty Dancing, Spinal Tap, and High Fidelity).

Why do we love this event so much? Here are five reasons:

  1. It’s a big damn party. So big, in fact, that this year’s event will take place in new, larger space: 1899 at Central State Village—a flat-out gorgeous venue on the west side of Downtown Indy. Food trucks, a cash bar, and gobs of people will be on hand.
  2. It’s an inspired fundraising idea. We admire how The Bigger Picture Show functions both as a fundraiser and a showcase for local artists. Many moons ago, we helped launch a fundraising event in a similar vein in Tonic Ball. It does our hearts good to see other fundraisers that showcase and champion local artists become successful.
  3. The quality (and variety) of the artwork is insanely good. This year, nearly 80 local designers—many of whom work at the city’s best design and marketing firms—put their time and effort into producing posters for this show. Believe us: You’ll be in awe of the level of talent on display.
  4.  It’s kind of addictive. Last year, we witnessed a first-time attendee (who had arrived with no intention to buy) become a bid-making machine. He couldn’t stop finding posters he wanted to purchase. There really is no better opportunity to get excellent original artwork at a fair price (and sometimes, a steal) while supporting a good cause.
  5. We have skin in the game. Well Done associate creative director Amy McAdams-Gonzales has participated in the event since its inception, and Marco Boulais is participating for the third time this year. The header image above displays their work from previous years. And since we don’t want to totally spoil the surprise, here’s just a small peek at their work for this year’s event:
Poster Detail
Detail from Amy’s HELP! poster
Detail from Marco’s Fantasia poster:

See Amy and Marco’s work in full—along with dozens of other incredible posters—at the event on Friday. It’s free, it supports a great cause, and it’s without a doubt one of the best parties in town this weekend. We hope to see you there.