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Let’s beery our differences.

If somebody’s Heinie is crowding your icebox, maybe you should take it out and share it with a friend—or a stranger with an opposite worldview, like Heineken orchestrated with this clever, heartwarming spot. It may lack the subtle dignity of Kendall Jenner mitigating civil unrest with sugar water, but then again, we can’t all be famous for having a sister with a big heinie.

When sex doesn’t sell.

There are lots of reasons to hate Volkswagen. For example, did you know that Hitler helped design the Beetle? Or that Volkswagen purposefully deceived the EPA for years about fuel emissions to save a couple bucks? Now here’s one more reason: a cringe-worthy sex commercial that’s surprisingly brash for such a mainstream brand. Sadly, even shameless fornication can’t make these Nazi sleds appealing.

Murdering ants with white-hot rage.

It’s rare these days to hear a decent radio spot. But Scott McGrath from McGrath Pest Control really nailed this one. It’s the tale of one man’s “solemn vow to kill every insect on planet earth” because he hates them with “the passion of a religious zealot.” He also offers to punch your pesky insects (and rats and spiders) to death. If we strap a GoPro to his head, this could be a huge hit on TLC.

Rowdy Roddy vs. The Donald

They Live is a 1988 John Carpenter sci-fi/horror film that was quite a bit more enjoyable when I was 12. That said, it’s still a fun movie with one of the best-delivered lines in cinematic history. In the spirit of the film (which is basically a bloated allegory about plutocracy and mass media manipulation), artist Mitch O’Connell created a They Live-style Donald Trump illustration that he’s hoping to plaster all over billboards in Washington D.C. He started a GoFundMe campaign just for that purpose—something tells me this guy is out of bubble gum.

Gauche couture.

French design studio Balenciaga recently debuted a new handbag for $2,145, which might not seem too insane in the world of high-class fashion—except that the bag looks exactly like Ikea’s 99-cent tote bag. The bags look so similar that Ikea quickly put together a great print ad explaining how to tell the two bags apart. It’s tastefully condescending—which is one of the greatest compliments you can give in this business.