Well Done Clients: Five Great Examples

2 min read

We know Well Done’s not for everyone. It would be dumb to even try to be. “Well Done: The Ad Agency For Everyone” would be, like, the worst positioning ever. We’d be disgraced. We’d have to turn in our keys to the Sterling Cooper liquor cabinet.

Neither is every client for us. We have high standards, too. We’re committed to working with clients who want to be great and are looking for an agency that can help them be greater.

Not all organizations want to be great. For a variety of reasons—apathy, incompetence, risk aversion, lack of ambition, fear—most organizations are more than happy with a mediocre level of success. And not all organizations think they need an agency like ours to help them be greater. Many executives we’ve encountered have an inflated opinion of their own organization’s greatness and just need an agency to do some stuff, no thinking required; in fact, a thinking agency is a threat to their egos.

That’s why we’re over the moon about the new relationships we’ve begun over the last several months with:

  • Edgar County Bank & Trust: A nearly 150-year-old Central Illinois institution with big plans for the future, for whom we will be rolling out a smart new campaign this summer.
  • Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine: America’s most accomplished, progressive neurosurgery group, whom we believe deserves more credit for being so amazing.
  • KSM Location Advisors: Experts in helping businesses across the nation (including ours) maximize state and local incentives and make smart location decisions.
  • TeenWorks: A nonprofit that empowers teens to achieve excellence in college, career, and community. We were particularly impressed that we stole that description from their website and didn’t have to add the Oxford comma.
  • Hoosier Security: The big brains behind designing and installing the high-tech security systems that work day and night to keep businesses safe.

There’s greatness in these organizations. There’s the desire for more—and the trust that Well Done is the agency that can help them achieve it. We think it’s gonna be great.