The Healthcare Marketing Revolution Will Be Televised—Online

3 min read

“I want to start a digital revolution.”

Jenn Cox, Director of Marketing at Hancock Regional Hospital, said those words in one of our very first meetings. Right away, we knew she was our kind of client.

That’s because Jenn realizes that hospital marketers—especially those competing against larger hospital systems for marketshare—can’t follow a business-as-usual approach to marketing. Not in the new value-based marketplace. Not when population health management is the new metric by which all hospitals will be measured.

This new reality presents hospitals with a paradoxical challenge. Their goal, to a degree, is to keep people out of the hospital. At the same time, a hospital must position itself as the preferred choice when care is needed.

To do both successfully, a hospital must 1) deliver excellent care and experiences to patients, and 2) establish itself as the go-to resource for healthcare education, information, and support in its community.

Hancock Regional Hospital was already making some great strides in these areas when they approached us. They had launched Healthy365, a grassroots effort to engage Hancock County’s churches and non-profits to boost healthy habits in the region. And they had boldly made it their goal to help Hancock County become the healthiest county in Indiana.

But we had some goals of our own. First, we wanted to position Hancock as the hospital who supports its community with the information and resources people need to live healthy, full lives. Second, we wanted to do this in a way that resonates emotionally—particularly with women, who are well-known to make the vast majority of healthcare decisions for families.

Thus, HealthPossible was born.

Less a campaign than a strategic digital outreach effort, HealthPossible aims to engage, inspire, and empower Hancock County citizens to take their health into their own hands.

Crucially, though, it’s not overbearing or paternal. Instead it’s fun, colorful, and approachable. Much of the credit for that belongs to the Emmy-Award winning producers at SALT and illustrator (and Well Done friend) Penelope Dullaghan, who worked with us to create a series of HealthPossible videos for social media.

The videos have only been online for a few months, but they’ve already earned plenty of attention and affection in Hancock County (and Hamilton and Marion Counties, too). According to Jenn Cox, they’ve provided the perfect spark for the digital revolution she envisioned. “Reaching a new audience means doing things differently,” she said. “How many of the ‘quick and fun’ videos on Facebook truly stick with you? We want these to be ‘that’ video.”

“We want to share content to help keep our community healthy,” she continued. “Of course, we will always be here when people are sick and need us. But we want to help them embrace their health and ensure that they know that being healthy is possible. We want to be a trusted partner for the entire journey of life, health, and well-being.”

Watch a couple of the HealthPossible videos below. Follow Hancock Regional Health on Facebook to see the rest, and to keep up with future HealthPossible updates.