We don’t watch TV like we used to. This isn’t news, but it bears repeating as advertisers continue to spend exorbitant amounts of money on the shotgun approach that is TV.

Contrary to popular assumption, people aren’t really cutting the cord. Cable subscriptions have remained fairly consistent over the last several years, but TV viewers are spreading their attention out over many more services than they used to. Forty-nine percent of Americans polled in Deloitte’s 2017 Digital Democracy Survey said they subscribe to video streaming services, compared to 31% in 2012. At least 40% of these streaming sources are free sources like YouTube, which gets a cool one billion hours of viewing time per day.

With so many options, how’s a girl to choose where to spend her advertising dollars? While there are plenty of cases for running ads on paid streaming services and even cable television, nine times out of ten, my money is on the free streaming service with the largest global audience that also happens to be the second largest search engine in the world.

YouTube logo

YouTube reaches 1.5 billion people worldwide every month, and 91% of all internet users in the U.S. Like any digital advertising platform, it allows you to customize who sees your ads and how ads are distributed based on geography, device, and timing. But unlike most other platforms, it has access to data from the entire suite of Google products and tools, such as search behavior, maps, browser history, email, app downloads, and more.

But the platform is just the beginning, and ads barely scratch the surface of the marketing potential that video holds. Different types of video content are important for audiences at different stages of the marketing funnel. People who are just beginning their search or don’t even know they need your service yet can be compelled by how-to videos and brand films, while product demos and testimonials are key for people in the consideration stage.

We’ve written a thing or two about video, and we recently learned a lot more about why YouTube, in particular, matters. We hosted a Google Partners Connect event all about the advertising power and organic potential of YouTube. Watch below to learn from strategists at Google as they share their expertise on video campaigns and how to get the most out of YouTube.


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