Bad healthcare content is a disease. This is the cure.

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There aren’t many agencies that have developed more healthcare content than we have. We’ve been working for hospitals, physician practices, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, and more for decades—and we’ve been developing digital healthcare content since digital healthcare content was a thing.

So we’ve seen a lot of bad content. We’ve produced a lot of good content. We know the difference, and we know what a difference it can make. And we decided it was time to share what we knew with the rest of the world.

That’s what we’ve done in Going Viral: Secrets of Healthcare Content MarketingIt’s a report designed for healthcare marketers, with advice on how to produce better content and why it matters. And all it costs is your email address—which, come on: smart marketers like us know we should never abuse.

It’s advice you’re not likely to get from rookie content producers or strategists. Some of it’s a little counterintuitive. All the more reason you need to read it.

We know you’re busy, and we don’t want to leech any more of your time. Get the report here. And help spread great healthcare content all over the world.