MJ Insurance Is Raising the Bar for How Companies Support Employees

2 min read

MJ Insurance isn’t your typical insurance company. Like many businesses, they help their employees grow through professional development—but they put just as much emphasis on personal development. They encourage their employees to chase their dreams, and they provide a support system to help them do it.

In other words, MJ understands there’s more to life than a day job—which makes them an ideal Well Done client. They operate in a way that makes the world (and, it turns out, our company) a better place.

We recently produced three videos to highlight MJ’s nurturing company culture. By focusing on individual employees, the videos remind us that culture is, above all else, about people.

This first video tells the story of Andy Vetor, executive vice president of employee benefits at MJ, who received a life-changing diagnosis after a routine physical exam at an MJ onsite clinic.

Andy’s recovery hasn’t been easy. But the support system he enjoys both at home and at MJ has allowed him to overcome the challenges of cancer in ways that are truly remarkable.

For Kevin Sliwa, executive vice president of sales and strategy at MJ, the homeless problem in Indianapolis was unacceptable. With MJ’s support, he did something about it.

As a co-founder of Food 4 Souls, Kevin is following his passion to serve the homeless in Indianapolis with unconditional love and acceptance—and to help them find permanent housing.

By day, Allison Mrasek is a client executive in MJ’s sorority division. But after hours, she turns her attention to turntables.

A transplant from Texas, Allison has relied on the support system at MJ to help her grow professionally and personally. By encouraging her at DJ gigs, MJ has helped Allison pursue a passion that she loves.

When MJ initially asked us to produce these videos, we recommended telling stories that would bring out the humanity of their team members. Our goal: To show younger audiences how MJ fosters a culture where employees are free to be themselves—and which empowers them to live fulfilling lives both at work and beyond.

Today, these videos are successfully serving two purposes for MJ: celebrating current employees, and attracting attention and interest from prospective ones.