Over the course of a year, we produce a lot of content. Some of it goes crazy. Some of it doesn’t. So we asked our staff: Which of our approximately one zillion blog posts this year didn’t get enough love? Here’s the stuff we liked that we wished more people had stopped by to see. Let us know what you think.

Five Commercials I’m Stuck With, for Better or Worse by Robin Beery

Robin Beery got to thinking about decluttering, and because he’s Robin, what he was thinking about decluttering mostly was his brain. Easier said than done. Here are five commercials Robin’s probably going to be watching on his inner TV screen.

What Tom Petty Can Teach Us by Matt Gonzales

Tom Petty’s death hit a lot of us hard. Matt Gonzales took some time to reflect on what this great American rock star—perhaps, in retrospect, the great American rock star—could teach us about writing and marketing and success.

Four Serious Questions about the Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial by Ken Honeywell

It was the scandal of the moment: Pepsi hires a pseudo-celebrity to dance/march with a very attractive, well-dressed, multicultural crowd of protesters against…sigh. It was terrible, and Pepsi pulled the plug right quick. Would that this were the biggest scandal of the year.

Why Marketers Should Care About AI and Voice Command by Abby Reckard

Here at the end of the year, everybody’s talking about AI. Back there at the start of the year, Abby Reckard was one of the few. If you were one of the few who was listening, good on you. If you weren’t, it’s not too late.

A Primer for Pitching to Journalists by Lisa Vielee

“A Google search for ‘things PR people do that journalists hate’ returns 3 .1 million hits.” And you thought journalism was dead! Actually, the state of journalism today demands even greater attention to courtesy and professionalism. Some wise advice from Lisa Vielee.

Rare Marketing by Nick Honeywell

Nick Honeywell has a knack for finding inspiring, wacky, and downright head-scratching advertising. We thought this edition of his Rare Marketing blog had some particularly great and terrible stuff.

“smart drugs”: brain boosters for the productively challenged by abby reckard

In which Abby creates her own unsanctioned one-patient clinical trial to see whether so-called smart drugs have any effect on her personal productivity. If you didn’t see this before, it’s time for you to assess the outcomes.

well done marketing’s (definitive) guide to podcasts by alex mattingly

If by “definitive” you mean “podcasts we happened to be listening to when we decided to write this post,” then, yes. Some good recommendations here, if we do say so ourselves.

crockpot chili thunderdome: eight will enter, one will leave by alex mattingly

“I ordered chili once in New York City, at a restaurant called the Visigoth. A few hours later, the waiter set a plate down on which was a small nugget of sautéed beef, a single dried red pepper, and a sensible bean, plated between parallel lines of tomato sauce. It was the worst chili of my life; it was the best chili of my life.” Etc.

need a video? talk to a full-service agency first by matt gonzales

Lots of people are shooting and posting lots of videos, and not many people are watching them. Matt Gonzales makes a case that one size of video does not fit all—and that your agency is great resource for helping you get the most out of video.

why great impersonal service makes personal service more important than ever by ken honeywell

We don’t need human interaction to take care of all sorts of transactions these days—in fact, a growing majority of us prefer the ease of online shopping. Does that mean you can neglect personal service? Not if you want to be great.

the man on the bridge: chasing engagement at [marketing conference] by robin beery

We end as we began: with a great post by Robin Beery. This one’s about Robin’s trip to a conference in Nashville. It has everything we think deserves more of your attention in a Robin Beery piece.