Are Robots Taking Over The World?

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Robots and Advertising

Will robots take over the advertising world? Who’s to say?

All we know is one of Ken Honeywell’s old blog posts, If You Think The World Has Changed, You’re Already Too Late, rings more true than ever. In today’s world, the only constant IS change.

Augmented reality. Artificial Intelligence. Algorithms. All these—and other advances starting with letters other than A—are changing the way agencies take their clients’ messages to market. And they are threatening to replace a lot more than the way we set type. Some go so far as to say technology will replace us agency types altogether.

Here’s what Ken had to say about it then:

Incredibly talented graphic designers–pros who’ve devoted their lives to their craft–are having trouble finding jobs. The world has changed. Actually, the world just keeps changing. The trick is to keep up with the changes as they occur… And that’s not always something the ad business has done well.

(Go on. Read the whole post.)

No matter what, our world isn’t going to stop evolving. The pace rapid may leave you dizzy, and even a little scared. Instead of closing your eyes and hoping for the best, we think it is better to find a focal point and enjoy the ride.

But maybe that’s just us.