What can we say about our new senior art director, Jenny Tod? We could say she’s a badass graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer. Or that she has developed brands for bakeries, clothing stores, conferences, and churches. We even could tell you she thrives on collaboration but doesn’t drink her own Indie Coffee Roasters coffee.

We can say all that—because it’s all true. But so you can really get to know her, we’ll let her speak for herself.

What do you mean you don’t drink coffee?
I know it sounds weird. Honestly, I would choose chai tea or kombucha over coffee any day. But Alec and I believe relationships are formed over a good cup of coffee. And if you’re going to drink it, we doggedly believe coffee should be freshly-roasted.

We also hear you’re a HUGE Tom Petty fan.
I grew up listening to “Full Moon Fever” with my dad. I only had the chance to go to two of his concerts—one with my husband, and one with my dad and son. (I found out I was pregnant shortly before the concert.) I cried the day Tom Petty passed away.

Tell us about all your awesome tats.
I got my first tattoo when I was 18 simply because I could. My tattoos give me a canvas to tell stories and share more of who I am. I have tattoos for my husband, my grandparents, other family members, and for myself as reminders of the things that mean the most. Up next on my list is one for my son.

How would you describe your design style?
A great designer should be versatile enough to live outside of a style. Each new project merits its own look—whether it be illustrative, modern, high-end, whimsical, scholarly, or something else. A great designer’s style is adaptation.

What are you looking forward to most in your new position?
Working with great people, great clients, and lots of La Marg!

Seriously, I’ve always wanted to do work for companies that seek to do good in the world and aren’t afraid of taking risks. I want to be challenged to be bold and challenge our clients to do the same, and try things that are out of the norm or that haven’t been done before. Those are the types of clients Well Done works with, and that excites me.

Last question, beach or mountains?
The beach is my happy place. When I’m not working, I love travelling.