Meet our Public Relations Manager Casey Cawthon

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Public Relations Manager Casey Cawthon

Casey may have spent most of her life in Fishers, but her spirit animal is better suited for warmer climates. Like the flamingos she loves, Casey balances a lot—a tween son, being on the board of ProAct Indy, delivering Meals on Wheels, working on a Hamilton County Leadership Academy service project, and, now, a new position at Well Done Marketing.

Here’s a little more you should know about Casey.

What did you do before you came to Well Done?
I worked in public relations for the City of Fishers, Indiana. I grew up in Fishers, graduated from Hamilton Southeastern High School, and I still live there. So I’m excited to switch up the scenery a little bit.

That’s quite a commute. How do you pass the time?
Right now, I’m really enjoying podcasts. TED Radio Hour is a favorite, along with I Don’t Get It. I’ve also been known to perform my own concerts on the drive home.

Do you like to travel?
I love Indiana, but Phoenix, Arizona, is one of my favorite places. The dusty orange mountains. The crystal blue skies. The giant cacti. But what I really love is the heat! One of my best friends from high school moved out there years ago, and I take full advantage of her couch every chance I get.

For those who only know Well Done as an ad agency, what is public relations?
I think a better question might be what isn’t public relations. To me, public relations is being connected with current happenings and diverse people who want to create meaningful impact. It’s fast-paced, highly organized, strategic work. As a public relations professional, I’m able to identify solutions, help clients avoid a crisis, educate stakeholders, and bolster support for great causes.

What are you looking forward to most about your new position?
I’m thrilled to be in a collaborative environment, surrounded by incredibly talented people who will encourage me to rise to their level of excellence. Challenge accepted!

We hear you kill it at Scrabble. Can anybody beat you?
Scrabble’s my jam. My mom and I typically tie, but my grandma always pulls ahead for the win.

What’s on your Spotify?
New Taylor Swift, everything from Maroon Five, and old JT classics make the perfect playlist all day, every day.