The Name Game: A Client Success Story

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Babies and dogs have it easy, man.

No baby ever had to think seriously about what name best represented what she aspired to be. No dog ever had to go through multiple rounds of feedback with stakeholders, trying to nail down whether he was a Fido or more of a Cuddlesworth.

For a company, it’s a whole lot harder. How do you distill the essence of a business or a brand into something simple, short, and memorable? Something that looks great on a website and a business card?

In marketing, naming a business can be one of the most challenging, rewarding projects we tackle. Challenging for all the reasons listed above. Rewarding because there’s nothing better than seeing a client get excited about a name that embodies who they are, yet still manages to surprise.

Best of all is when the client takes the name and runs with it. That’s why we’ve had so much fun working with DirectEmployers on naming their new recruitment marketing arm. After much discussion, several rounds of feedback, and locking ourselves in a room to brainstorm without distraction, we finally came up with something we thought fit the bill. Something unique, and fun, and surprising. A name that was memorable, to the point, and totally unexpected.

World, we’d like you to meet:

A Name to Rule the Roost
After conducting extensive interviews to position the client and considering dozens of names, when we landed on Recruit Rooster we knew we had something: it was memorable, it was fun, and it embodied the character of a company built by a lot of hard-working early birds. When we pitched it to the client, they agreed.

“As a group of creatives ourselves, we really enjoyed working with Well Done Marketing as an extension of our team,” said Heather Hoffman, Recruit Rooster’s Chief Operating Officer. “Once the rooster hatched, we quickly embraced the brand.”

Boy, did they:

We loved the video, and loved seeing the client get excited (not to mention the rooster dances). It’s a great example of what can happen when a client is hungry for something bold, and isn’t afraid to strut their stuff.

And hey, we know you ain’t chicken, either—if you’re ready to do bold work, we want to hear from you