After Hours Podcast: Episode 1

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What do you do after hours?

Episode 1

Katie Angel

Facing fear, faking accents, and fighting with lightsabers.

Katie Angel of Angel Burlesque
Katie Angel of Angel Burlesque

Our guest for our first episode is Katie Angel, founder and CEO of Angel Burlesque. Katie talks with Robin about honing her battle skills with Indy Lightsaber Academy, about traveling to Paris for a lightsaber tournament last summer, and about the upcoming Indy International Lightsaber Tournament (August 24–26) that Indy Lightsaber Academy is hosting at the Irsay Family YMCA.

Also under discussion: doing things that scare us, possums, roller derby, eleventh-grade physics, and what lightsaber champions visiting from four different countries might want to do in Indianapolis. Too bad we never built The Indiana Tower.