And the Award Goes to…Account Service

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account service award

Everyone likes to be recognized for their hard work. (We won’t lie. We do too.) According to HubSpot’s Ultimate Directory of Marketing Awards, there are 28 national awards programs that hand out the hardware each year for the best marketing, design, communications, and advertising.

Despite all that flashy trophy love, there isn’t an Addy yet for account services or an Effie category for excellence in building client relationships. But there should be. The account service team is the WD40 that keeps everything running smoothly for both clients and internal creative teams.

Our account service team prepares presentations, facilitates strategy sessions, fosters client relationships, conducts industry research, writes creative briefs, develops marketing proposals, sets KPIs, handles client communications, and synthesizes client feedback for internal teams. They also monitor budgets and burn rates, explain costs and rate cards, and analyze revenue reports. And each one does all of this for anywhere from five to 10 clients at a time.

While it may not be the same as receiving an award in front of an audience of your peers, here are a few things our team has to say about the important role of the Well Done account service group.

What is the most important thing to know about account service?

“Account Service fairly represents the agency to the client and the client to the agency. Account executives are responsible for making sure both the client and the internal team feel informed, confident, and excited about the work that is being produced.”

“Accounts has to know the client and their company well enough to be an extension of their marketing team. At the same time, they have to represent the agency and defend our creative, web, and digital recommendations.”

“I really see our accounts team as the group that not only keeps projects on track but keeps them progressing. They oversee creative work, digital strategies, and public relations plans to ensure we’re all rowing in the same direction.”

“Account service is the glue that holds everything together.”

How does account service best represent the client?

“Account service is the voice of the client. No one knows the client and their industry better than the account service rep on that account.”

“I think our accounts team are all so great at their job because they are immersed in understanding the client’s brand and advocating for their needs.”

“Accounts really help oversee the process from a higher level. They keep a pulse on how projects are progressing while keeping client goals top of mind.”

What would life be like without account service?

“Insane? :)”


“Messier and more hectic. We could get little things done, even some big things, but we couldn’t do coordinated campaign/client work with any sort of efficiency.”

“Without an account service department, I would guess clients would be frustrated not knowing where projects stood as they progressed and potentially getting deliverables that didn’t meet their goals or expectations.”

What kind of person makes a good account executive?

“The ideal account service person is someone who’s curious, detail oriented, able to see the big picture, and understands the potential impact of a given approach. Most important, they have a low heart rate and are able to keep a calm, cool demeanor no matter what is thrown their way. This is essential both internally and externally.”

“Someone who’s comfortable in that very difficult role of being the client’s voice at the agency and the agency’s voice at the client’s. It takes creativity and diplomacy. You have to be able to manage projects, relationships, and expectations. It really does take an extraordinary kind of person.”

“A solid account executive doesn’t mind getting down in project management weeds while also strategizing for the future. Which is why Well Done is so fortunate. Our team is able to see the bigger picture while managing projects along each step of progression.”


So they may not have the shiny hardware to prove it, but we think it takes a special kind of person to succeed in account service. If you think you fit the bill, we are hiring.