33 Reasons We’re Thankful

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Turkey Day. A time for friends, family, feasting, football, and stubborn gravy stains. A time for 24-hour TV marathons featuring some of our favorite shows and movies. (There are plenty to choose from; this year’s list includes The Godfather, Gilmore Girls, The Simpsons, Friends, Bob’s Burgers, and Gone with the Wind, to name a few.) Also, perhaps the napping-est day of the year.

Whatever Thanksgiving 2018 brings, one thing’s for certain: We at Well Done have a whole lot to be thankful for. Here are 33 things that make our lives just a little bit (or a lot bit) better:

  1. Comfy couches
  2. Our perfect pets (looking at you Chief Office Dog Bo, BH + Crackerjack)
  3. Punkin’ pie
  4. Coworkers that feel more like friends
  5. Clients who push us to be our best
  6. Stuffing
  7. Star Wars
  8. The annual WDM Thanksgiving brunch (at Lincoln Square Pancake House, woot!)
  9. Mashed potatoes with them noodles on top
  10. Real Christmas trees
  11. Books
  13. The Coen Brothers
  14. Saunas
  15. Good health
  16. My cats: Sister, Patricia, Whitman, and Raleigh St. Clair
  17. Leaf blowers
  18. That there’s always someone somewhere making an even hotter sauce
  19. Nintendo
  20. Working with smart, kind, exceptional people
  21. My healthy baby who refuses to be born
  22. Working within walking distance of my job (and still being allowed to work from home)
  23. Snickerdoodles
  24. Being able to bring my dog to work
  25. Spotify playlists
  26. Yoga class on Saturday mornings
  27. The SMILES team (our in-house employee event planners)
  28. Gramps
  29. Leftovers
  30. Endless peak TV
  31. So much gravy
  32. Diet Coke
  33. A great life in a great place to live