Setting the Standard: We Brag on Brian McCulloh

2 min read

When in the course of human events a web developer does some really, really kickass work, it becomes necessary to brag about it. And baby, we’re braggin’.

Not too long ago, we told you how Well Done’s senior developer Brian McCulloh had developed a helpful WordPress plugin called Worth the Read. (Astute readers will note the plugin in action at the top of their screens, tracking their progress through this very blog.) At the time, Brian commented on the difficulty of creating something as functional as it was universally attractive.

The challenge was straightforward, but not easy. As Brian put it: “How do I create something that can be plug-and-play with every style of theme that’s out there, without clashing with the look of the website? It had to work well, but it also had to look good.”

In the end, Brian came up with a plugin that accomplished both, and released it into the world. Since then? His plugin has been downloaded more than 20,000 times and is currently in use on more than 5,000 active websites.

It’s also getting attention from the pros.

In a recent post for Let’sWP, a website providing professional advice and support for WordPress developers, Worth the Read received this glowing review:

“Finally, a reading progress bar that correctly detects the content length! The fact that it properly does this simple task has sealed the deal. Naturally, you’d expect any plugin that places a reading progress bar on your post to detect how long the content is. However, it’s not the case. I mean they had one job! Many other plugins think that the reading progress bar should measure the entire site… [but] ultimately, those plugins become glorified scroll position indicators. It’s fortunate to say that Worth the Read does measure the content length very well. In addition, it carries a subtle but cool feature: it doesn’t appear until you start reading the post.

“In summary, the free Worth the Read plugin managed to meet our high standards of quality. Subsequently, we’ll be recommending this plugin for every blog that needs these indicators. It’s now the gold standard of reading progress bar plugins, so we suggest giving it a chance.”

So yeah, we’re proud of Brian—and thrilled he’s here at Well Done. Wouldn’t you want a guy like that on your next web project? Of course you would. And there’s an easy way to make that happen…