Few seasons are more vulnerable to the fickle whims of popular imagination than the holidays. Whether from family stress or too much eggnog, people’s brains turn to tapioca this time of year, and otherwise intelligent people start paying good money for gifts that will end up in the Goodwill pile by January 3rd.

Every fad dies: It happened to Tickle Me Elmo. It happened to Beanie Babies and the Furby. But tragically, it also happened to the noble Pog.

At Well Done Worldwide Headquarters, we thought the world was a little too quick to move on from Pogs. So much so that we decided to bring ‘em back in our 2018 holiday card. Like the undying evergreen, we believe the Pog has a measure of timeless immortality to it, and it deserves another look.

Oh how we’ve missed you.

What we talk about when we talk about Pogs

You could be forgiven for not knowing what the hell we’re talking about. Although popular as a regional game since the ‘20s, Pogs peaked in the national consciousness around 1995.

The game requires two basic elements: Pogs and slammers. The Pogs, small cardboard discs with a clearly designated front and back, are stacked between players facing up. Each player then takes turns using slammers—typically made of metal or plastic—to strike the stack, with a goal of flipping as many Pogs over as possible.

What you flip you keep; what stays face up goes back in the pile. When every last Pog has been flipped, players count their Pogs and the player with the most is declared the winner.

Alex with the holiday slam!

Fig 1: Local Bald Plays Pogs

How we brought ‘em back 

For the holidays, Well Done created six custom Pogs commemorating the fads of yesteryear, and one heavy red slammer with which to strike them. Of course, we know that’s only enough to give people a little taste of the game. To get a proper game going, you need more than six Pogs.

That’s why our Pog sheet doubles as a template. And we’ve included one here, too, for those of you on the internet who’d like to play along. As we discovered, with a little ingenuity just about anything can be cut up into a Pog:

  • Business cards
  • Magazine pages
  • Lame corporate holiday cards
  • Photos of your ex
  • Devalued Soviet currency

And if you don’t have one of our logo-centric holiday slammers handy? Common household objects will suffice! However, caution must be exercised here, so please observe our humble suggestions:

Good for a Holiday Slam:

  • Key fob
  • Carmex cannister
  • Bottle cap
  • Three quarters glued together
  • Old rock found near the train yard

Bad for a Holiday Slam:

  • Glass ornaments
  • Swan feather
  • Hope
  • Wedding ring
  • A gun
Holiday slam necessities

Everything you need for a happy holiday season.

Rules, rules, rules

We know, we know: You’re tired of talk! You want to play! So we’ll leave you to it, friend. Make your Pogs, find your slammers, and have a very happy holiday from all your pals at Well Done Marketing.

Happy holiday slam day

Happy Holidays!