Short but Sweet: The Tale of One High School Intern

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WDM Intern, Faithe

Hello! My name is Faithe Hall—yes, Faithe with an “e.” I am a senior at Guerin Catholic High School and I plan to attend Indiana University next year. I have been interning for Well Done Marketing since mid-November and I have definitely been a helping hand, I guess you could say. I have taken many business classes at Guerin and within those business classes I have learned a little about marketing, but interning for Well Done has opened my eyes and allowed me to learn so much more about marketing—more than I could learn in a textbook or a classroom.

Why Well Done?

Here’s the story: Juniors and seniors at Guerin are given the opportunity to take a Career Exploration class, where you are able to leave school early and explore the career you’re interested in. At the beginning of the class, you are given two weeks to figure out what business you will be interning at, and for most of those two weeks I did not have a place to intern. I had emailed multiple companies and no one would accept high school interns.

I began to ask around at school to see if anyone knew of someone who could offer me an internship that would allow me to explore my possible marketing major. One of my friends reached out to me and said her mom worked at a marketing agency and might be able to offer me an internship. Lisa Sirkin Vielee contacted me, and now I’m here!

What has been my favorite memory while interning?

This is a hard one. I have lots of favorite memories, including Well Done planning meetings, commercial editing, and connecting conversations with all of the staff members. Every day when I walk in to Well Done, someone has a project waiting for me that I could not appreciate more, because it allowed me to learn about all aspects inside a business. All of these memories have played a major role in my amazing experience.

What has Well Done taught me?

Well Done has taught me to step outside my comfort zone and has opened me up to new ways of thinking. Now I am able to share my thoughts and creative ideas with the confidence I haven’t had before. Throughout my time at Well Done, I have learned there is a lot of work that goes into being a marketing agency—promotions, web designing, market research, and a lot more.  Also, being a part of Well Done has only strengthened my interest in majoring in marketing. The community that has been built at Well Done is something that I am truly going to miss when I leave.

Although I wish I had more time, thank you to everyone at Well Done Marketing for making my internship experience one to remember! I will definitely be back to visit!