Meet Alex Pesak: Innate Artist, Bold Non-Singer, and Well Done Designer

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Our new designer Alex Pesak grew up in Plymouth, Indiana, and has been into art and design from an early age. Her love of design was shaped by decorating her own room as a child. Even now, she loves spending time in her home workspace among her sketches, photos, and design inspirations. It is, she says, “where the magic happens.”

After graduating from the University of Indianapolis in 2018, Alex returned to Plymouth to work at an agency there. She’s excited by the opportunities here at Well Done, as well as by the return to her university stomping grounds: “There are so many more restaurants, and so much more shopping. In Fountain Square, I have all the charm and comfort that I love, being from a small community, but it’s all contained inside a much larger city. That makes me really excited to be here.”

Alex is just the third Alex currently working at Well Done. It’s caused so little confusion, we’re considering adding our fourth, fifth, and sixth Alexes soon.

How did you decide you wanted to become a designer?

I always knew that I wanted to do something with art, and I was really into ceramics for a while before I even thought about doing design. But I realized that you can’t make a lot of money with any other art form. I had taken a couple of computer design classes in high school, and hated it, but then I visited the University of Indianapolis and saw all that you can really do. I like things to be clear-cut and precise. The computer does make it easier to get those crisp lines and make everything just right.

What turned you off of computer design initially? Did you see TRON: Legacy at a formative age?

When I was in high school, they focused more on drafting and blueprint-style design, and not the advertising side, which is what I like. I’ve always been one to follow my passion and find a career that I’m going to love.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m very passionate about local shops. I love discovering new little hole-in-the-wall kinds of places. I’m not one to go to a mall. I like to go to art festivals, support the local people, and be inspired by their stuff.

Do you like weird museums?


I have never been, but I understand there is a Teeny Statue of Liberty Museum here in Indy, somewhere on the east side.

That’s hilarious.

We should take a creative department field trip there some week. 

That would be great.

If you and the other two Alexes at Well Done were to form a Destiny’s Child-style vocal group, who would be Beyoncé, and why? 

Out of all the Alexes? Probably me. I feel like I’m the least shy; I could get up in front of a crowd. I don’t sing, but I feel like, if I were to sing, I would just not be afraid.

And it would definitely not be Boy Alex. He is too shy.

He’s too shy?

He could not be Beyoncé. But maybe I just haven’t seen that side of him.

He probably does seem shy at first. But did you know he is the star of the Wabash Valley Power Moves videos?


Yeah. You should see some of those before you decide for sure.

I would love to see those.

What are you looking forward to most about working at Well Done?

I’m excited about working with [our art directors] Brittany and Andrew—and everyone else, too—and that we get to collaborate to create work for our clients. Yeah, collaboration and working around the same group of people every day. In my last position, I had to do a lot more on my own.

You say you don’t sing. So, if Well Done had a talent show, what would you do for your talent?

I’d lift weights. Specifically, deadlift.

For readers who might not know what deadlifting is—or who might even feel a little nervous just hearing the word—what is deadlifting?

It’s when you have the bar on the ground and you’re at a stance, and you have to bring the bar up using just your legs, to your waist, and then lower it to the ground.

So how much would you be able to deadlift at the Well Done talent show?

255 pounds.

Wow! Do you mind if we put that in the blog?

Not at all! I’m pretty proud of that.

If there’s anyone at Well Done whose deadlifting skills you think might rival yours, who would it be?

Um. Probably Brian McCulloh. Because I know he goes to the gym a lot.

I notice you didn’t say Boy Alex. Or me. That’s cool. Well, we’ll see if we can set up a deadlifting competition.

Ha! That’d be great.