All of us have remarkable moments in our lives. For some of us, it’s the accomplishment of a big goal or dream: traveling the world, writing a novel, or getting a college degree. But not all remarkable moments are so grand in scope. Sometimes, something as simple as a song, a smile, or a small gesture of kindness can be just as remarkable.

Damar Services is a place full of remarkable moments. As one of the nation’s leading treatment centers for people with autism and developmental disabilities, they’re helping people overcome some of life’s greatest challenges. We’ve been lucky enough to work with them on the Road to Remarkable, a campaign highlighting the inspiring moments that happen at Damar every day—and the people who make them possible.

With so many compelling stories to tell, we decided the right approach for this campaign would be to have the people at Damar talk about the remarkable things in their lives. While we expected to hear some great stuff, we were a little surprised at just how touching and uplifting these stories turned out to be.

Take Megan, for example. For years, she felt limited by her disability and struggled to live independently. But with the help of Sarah, her behavior management clinician, Megan’s made huge strides by using music as a coping mechanism. Megan not only loves listening to music, she also plays guitar and has written hundreds of songs. And her progress toward gaining independence has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Another one of our favorites was Marcus, a young man who’s come a long way with his behavior, and now serves as a role model for many of the kids at Damar. Shoes are really important to Marcus; he’s always wanted to own a nice pair, but never had the opportunity to buy them. With Damar’s support, Marcus developed the discipline to save up his money and buy a handsome pair of Nike Air Force 1’s—and his warm, ever-present smile shows exactly how he feels about them.

And then there’s Misty. She’s accomplished some amazing things when it comes to achieving independence; just as impressive, she’s lost more than 100 pounds along the way. Misty is totally committed to her fitness goals, and she spends two or three hours at the gym almost every day. But we’ll let Misty tell you all about it.

These stories only represent a small fraction of the remarkable things happening at Damar. In fact, moments like these happen there every day. (You can check out more of them on the campaign landing page.)

The Road to Remarkable is such a fitting theme for Damar: They’re absolutely dedicated to helping everyone they serve—including the families and friends of people receiving services there—find their own remarkable. That’s a mission we can get behind, and it’s been a thoroughly rewarding experience collaborating with an organization doing such important work.

With so many remarkable moments happening all around us, it leaves just one question: What’s your remarkable?