Rare Marketing: International Beer Commercials Edition

2 min read

Five fine cuts. World-famous rub.

Draught dodging.

While the cops and robbers trope might be a little stale, this commercial for Carlton Draught puts such an endearing twist on it that I just don’t care. And while the song might be even better than the Over the Top montage music, it still doesn’t quite get into Rocky IV territory. This spot is for everyone who thinks “drink responsibly” means “don’t spill it.”

Brilliant horseplay.

Oh, how I miss the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World campaign. It must have been total bliss to write these spots—I’d love to see what’s left on the cutting room floor. He can translate Russian…into dolphin. He once ran a four-minute mile in under three minutes. When he wins a hand of poker, the dealer tips him. Stay thirsty, my friends.

A little forced.

Maybe I spend too much time watching Star Wars, but this delightful Heineken commercial from 2005 seems like a bit of cultural appropriation. I’ll let it slide though, because the music, slow motion, sound effects, and cinematography help deliver a payoff that lands incredibly well. On a somewhat different note, I wonder if Luke Skywalker winces in pain when Chewie spills a fuzzy navel.

Not so tanked.

While it might be slightly unethical, tricking someone into thinking you’re obnoxiously drunk with non-alcoholic beer is an efficient way to get them out of your house. This fella wanted to watch fútbol instead of a romantic film with his girlfriend, and—with a little help from Birra Moretti Zero—he has her hitting the bricks in no time. I always say the best way to watch a group of grown men kick around a ball is to do it alone with fake beer.

Cursing pays.

Ok, so I’m cheating by going domestic here, but this is one of my favorite commercials of all time. Despite never airing on TV, the Bud Light swear jar spot is a classic that should never be forgotten, and it might barely edge out the pilot skydiver as the funniest Bud Light commercial. But let’s not play favorites—both spots make me giggle like a toddler eating ice cream cake.