Today is Teachers’ Day, a time to celebrate all the amazing (and underappreciated) work teachers do. Teaching is one of the toughest, most challenging, most rewarding careers—and many would argue it’s just about the most important job there is.

The great John Steinbeck certainly thought so. He believed teaching “might be the greatest of the arts, since the medium is the human mind and spirit.” If you don’t think teaching is an art, you’ve never seen a fourth-grade math instructor dodge spitballs while explaining long division to a classroom full of nine-year-olds.

But what makes teachers so important goes far beyond lessons at the chalkboard. Great teachers transcend the curriculum; they’re our mentors, our advocates, our champions. They cultivate passion, curiosity, a hunger for knowledge. And ultimately, they impart the wisdom that shapes us.

At Well Done Marketing, education—especially right here in Indianapolis—is something we’ve always been passionate about. And we’ve been pretty lucky to work with organizations who not only understand the value of teachers, but who are also dedicated to giving them the resources and support they need to be amazing.

Here are just a few of them:

The Mind Trust. The mission of The Mind Trust is to provide every student in Indianapolis with a high-quality, world-class education. Since 2006, they’ve been working together with schools, educators, government, administrators, and the community to do just that, and their success has helped create 20 Innovation Network Schools serving more than 9,000 local students.

We’ve collaborated with The Mind Trust and the schools they work with on plenty of projects over the years. This includes their 10th anniversary celebration and messaging, positioning, and branding for schools such as Herron High School, Avondale Meadows Academy, Christel House Academy, KIPP Indy, and URBAN ACT Academy.

Teach Indy. Speaking of The Mind Trust, they are one of three partner organizations (including Indianapolis Public Schools and the Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation) who helped create Teach Indy, an initiative to attract young, talented teachers to Indianapolis schools. We not only designed, wrote, and built the Teach Indy microsite—we also helped put together a bunch of videos highlighting why teachers love teaching here in Indianapolis.

Tindley Schools. With one of the most rigorous academic curriculums you’ll find anywhere, Tindley Schools prepare students to not only achieve greatness in the classroom, but also out in the real world. And with the motto “College or Die,” Tindley doesn’t play around when it comes to academic achievement. We’ve worked with Tindley on many projects, most recently on their annual Tindley Trailblazer Dinner, where we created a video to show how unwavering ambition is what truly sets Tindley students apart.

SENSE Charter School. SENSE, which stands for Southeast Neighborhood School of Excellence, received its charter from the Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation back in August of 2004. Located just a couple minutes south of Fountain Square, SENSE cultivates a thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for learning in every student who walks through their doors. And with most of their nearly 600 students coming from the surrounding neighborhood—many of whom receive free or reduced-cost lunches—they are a critical anchor for the southeast side of Indianapolis.

Over the years, we’ve worked with SENSE on outdoor advertising, brochures, and lots of other design and writing support, including assistance with their Art Attack! event. Their good work—and their positive influence on the community we call home—has even inspired a couple of Well Done’s current employees to serve on the SENSE school board.

Great teachers transform our world. They inspire us to work harder, reach higher, and maximize our potential. And if you’ve had a teacher who’s made a major difference in your life, consider taking a minute to thank them for everything they’ve done. There’s never been a better day to do it.