Jen of All Trades

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Jen Welch

Meet Jen Welch, Well Done’s new account executive

Jen Welch came to us from Grand Rapids, Michigan. And by “us” we mean “the State of Indiana,” because her journey to Well Done was not nearly so linear. (You can chalk that up to the fact she’s got more tricks up her sleeve than David Blaine.)

Since graduating from Butler University in 2010, Jen’s been refining her skills and defining her path. We’re so glad that led her to us, and we’re excited to introduce her to you.

We have your CV here and *rustles paper meaningfully* you sure strike us as someone who won’t shrink from a challenge.


Well, you graduated from Butler with a double major in public relations and advertising, and then dove straight into a job with a pharmaceutical marketing company that worked for the likes of Lilly, Roche, and Baxter. We wouldn’t describe any of them as “small potatoes.” In fact, we—

Hang on a second.


Isn’t this supposed to be an interview?

Ah, sorry. We do get carried away sometimes. Maybe you should be the one telling this story. 

Well, to pick up from where you left off, that particular marketing company shut down half its business. Unfortunately it was the half I worked for.

But while I was at Butler, I’d interned with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, so I had a few contacts there. I reached out to let them know I was looking for job leads in Indy, and they ended up hiring me as a graphic designer.

You’re a designer, too?

I can’t tell if you actually read my CV or you’re just waving it around.

You’re a designer, too!

I am, and in fact when the symphony decided to bring a lot of their creative work in-house, I was promoted to art director. I’d taken design classes at Butler, but never imagined it would be something that was part of my career for so long.

But it wasn’t quite where my heart was. I loved design, but as art director what I really enjoyed was the project management aspect, and getting to spend more time working with other people. I am absolutely a people person, and I really enjoyed building and nurturing outside relationships. It was being an art director that convinced me to transition into an accounts position.

What’s your role at Well Done? What attracted you to the agency?

I knew Lisa because she did some public relations work with us at the ISO. I also knew Ken because I’d done some freelance work for Tinker Street. It was a very organic connection, and I got to feel like I knew the heart of Well Done well before there was an opportunity to work here.

As an account executive, my job is to manage relationships, to act as the face of Well Done to clients and the face of clients to Well Done. I’m the person that’s supposed to know the most about our clients and their backgrounds and their branding. I’m also supposed to know the most about Well Done—what we do and how we do it.

How’s it been so far?

One of the most exciting things about coming here has been the environment and the people. I knew Ken and Lisa, but even knowing some of you didn’t prepare me for how nice and friendly everyone is. Everybody is always so willing to help!

And I’m also really enjoying the opportunity to see projects through from start to finish. I’ll get to say, “I’m a part of this. I’m part of why this brand has a story.” That might be what I’m looking forward to the most.