Meet Our New Account Coordinator, Ariel Sexson

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Our new account coordinator, Ariel Sexson, is a recent graduate of Indiana University and an Evansville native. A huge sports fan—she follows IU basketball, the Colts, the Pacers, and the Cardinals—Ariel played softball for 12 years, mainly as a pitcher—causing Well Done to seriously reconsider its official position on recreational softball leagues (Which is: Sorry, we only play hardball).

When she’s not watching sports or on a Netflix binge, you can find Ariel indulging another obsession: the culture and fashion of the 80s. Her 13th birthday party was 80s-themed, and while she’s a huge Def Leppard fan, her go-to karaoke song would be Journey’s “Open Arms.” Sorry, Ken.

For those who might not know, what does the job of account coordinator involve?

We’re the people in between the client side and the agency side. So for me, I’m working with Kristin on all of her clients; I’m also someone the client gets to meet with and talk to all the time.

But because you’re also on the agency side, you also have to talk to agency-side people like us.

Yeah, that’s true. I looked for a role in this type of position because I like talking to people and I don’t like sitting behind a desk all day. So, I’m really happy to have found this role.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? Was account coordinator on your radar?

I didn’t really know that this was a thing until I started looking for jobs in the agency world, probably during my last semester at IU.

What was your major at IU?

I majored in media with a concentration in advertising and a specialization in public relations.

Wow! That makes you kind of the unicorn at this agency. Or maybe even a Pegacorn. That’s a combination Pegasus and unicorn.

That was my goal: to have a wide range of skills on my resume.

Did you ever consider doing something else?

I always wanted to be a teacher. But when I got to middle school, I realized: These people are mean; I don’t want to do this.

Yeah, middle school teachers can be the worst.

Oh, no, I meant the middle school students. I liked my middle school teachers.

Who was your favorite teacher? Or favorite subject in school?

I took a class called CFCO, which stands for Center for Family and Community Outreach. It was a business-based class where we got to work with businesses around Evansville and do different design work for them. That’s how I got into this field and away from teaching. Our teacher for that class was really helpful and relatable.

Do you remember any of the projects that you worked on for that class?

We made a video for Keep Evansville Beautiful and their fundraising gala. We got to go to the gala and participate in that. And that’s how I got my first internship as a marketing intern.

Did you have to help plan the gala, too?

No, but later on I interned for Boys and Girls Club of Evansville and got to do some event planning for them. I really liked getting to see that side of it. And I got to work a lot with Excel, and that was…beneficial.

That’s a good way of putting it.

And I do love event planning, though I wouldn’t want to do it as a full-time career.

So…I’m told I should ask you how you got your name.

Most people think I got it from The Little Mermaid. But in fact, my mom had seen the movie Footloose, and that’s the name of the female lead. People like to call me The Little Mermaid, and I have to remind them that the main character in Footloose is also named Ariel.

What’s your favorite scene in Footloose?

Honestly, it might be the opening, where they show all the shoes just dancing over the credits. It’s very aesthetic.

I had forgotten that’s how it opens. It’s just two minutes of people’s feet, right?

Yeah. Have you seen the new one?

I have not. In fact, I forgot they ever made one.

It’s okay. I don’t think you could really replace a movie like that. But it’s pretty good.

We were just having a conversation in the creative department about remakes—whether there are any movie remakes that are really good. Can you think of a remake that’s better than the original?

No. I can’t.

Rats. Because we were trying hard to…I mean, we were “too busy working” to try to think of one. Well, if you think of anything, let us know.


Last question, and we’ll leave you alone. What do you like most about Well Done?

Since this is my first job, I have nothing to compare it to except for internships. But I think that everyone here is very open. There’s a laid-back feel, but everyone here is very professional and really knows what they are doing. I feel like I can walk up to anybody and ask them questions, which is nice, too, because a lot of this is brand new to me.