A rebrand can be a great way to put on a fresh face and reintroduce yourself to the world. Maybe it reflects a change in your mission. Maybe it’s a change in your product. Or maybe your aesthetics just look a little too unstylish—your company’s equivalent of the ducktail.

Even if it seems like time to refresh, a rebrand can feel like a dicey proposition. When a rebrand fails, it tends to fail hard, right when you’ve got everyone’s attention. Like tripping down the stairs at your debutante ball, there’s really no good way to hide it.

If that makes you a little reluctant, that’s okay. It’s not a decision to take lightly. So how do you know when it’s time? Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

1. Are you perceived in a negative light?

Impressions matter. You might know you’ve got a great product and company, but if that’s not how you’re perceived, then it may not really matter.

Take, for instance, our client MJ Insurance. For years, they fostered a positive culture where employees were treated well and encouraged to pursue personal dreams and goals. Yet they still ran into problems attracting younger talent, who viewed the company like they viewed the whole industry: dull, stifling, and unfulfilling.

To help combat that perception, Well Done helped MJ Insurance with a brand overhaul. They updated their logo, website, and collateral to differentiate themselves from the industry and communicate the truth about who they are.

If your image is conflicting with your goals, you might need a rebrand.

2. Does your brand confuse your audience?

Your brand should communicate something to your audience. Maybe it’s concrete information, or maybe it’s just an emotion. What it shouldn’t do is leave people scratching their heads.

When we were approached by Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services (IPAS), that was just their trouble. While the name is true to what they do, it doesn’t give you much in the way of specifics, making it that much harder to connect with their audience.

That’s where we came in. After several weeks of deep research, Well Done learned that the best thing IPAS could do was present itself with more clarity and confidence. We helped them rebrand themselves as Indiana Disability Rights—and thus a new chapter in the organization’s history began.

If your current branding is just muddying the waters, you might need a rebrand.

3. Is your brand stuck in the past?

Words are notoriously slippery things, and language changes over time. That can make things a little confusing: One day you feel pretty hip, the next you’re asking your kids to define “yeet.”

The same happens with brands. What was once of the time can, after many years, seem old-fashioned or out of step. In some ways, it’s a good problem to have. It’s a sign of longevity. But it can still impede understanding.

Take our client Day Nursery—they’d been active in Indiana since the 1900s, when “day nursery” was a common term for daycare. But today, the term sounds dated at best, or outright confusing.

When they came to us for a rebrand, we started with a hefty dose of research. The new name came first—Early Learning Indiana—followed by a new identity that stayed true to the organization’s roots while leaving no question that it was a distinctly modern and relevant one.

So if your current branding feels a bit out of date? It may be time to think about rebranding.

These are by no means the only reasons to consider rebranding. Nor are they the only reasons you shouldn’t. But if you’re starting to wonder, we can help. We’ve helped clients rebrand, reinvent, update, or even get back to their roots. It all depends on what’s right for their goals.

We can help you too. Let’s talk.