Walking out of Well Done’s office doors to go celebrate with friends and family is, collectively, our favorite Thanksgiving tradition. We’re grateful for the long weekend and the fun and reflection it brings.

During the days leading up to the holiday break, though, there’s plenty of office debate about our individual likes and dislikes—the Thanksgiving traditions we love, and some we’d rather forget. Last week, spirited conversations were had about turkey and dressing, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the names of our nation’s pro sports teams, and consumerism.

Compiled below are the highlights of our various opinions about Thanksgiving traditions, good and bad:


Ken Honeywell, Creative Director

Good: Stuffing

When else are you going to make a giant pan of crunchy/soft-baked bread and butter? We should make more weeknight opportunities for stuffing, which I guess was the idea behind Stovetop. It’s just not the same.

Bad: Pumpkin Pie

Let’s face it: It’s squash. You really have to doll it up to even make it edible. I mean, that’s why “pumpkin spice” is a thing. That stuff (allegedly) tastes good. Pumpkin does not.


Lisa Sirkin Vielee, President

Good: Sushi

We often spend Thanksgiving in Ashburn, Va., with my husband’s sister. Because it can be hard for people inside the D.C. beltway to travel home, they invite friends over. It’s become a three-day event, starting Wednesday night with a sushi buffet. Sushi beats turkey any day.

Bad: Cleaning Up

I’ll do dishes, but I don’t like it.


Kristin Baxter, Senior Account Executive

Good: Cocktails and Cards

The combination of the free flow of adult beverages at my family’s gathering and a euchre tournament—a new tradition started last year—creates a lot of good-natured competition. It’ll be interesting to see if we actually finish this year rather than bellying up to the bar, which is what we did last year.

Bad: Bacon

The meat eaters have ham and turkey. Do they really have to add bacon to otherwise vegetarian dishes? No, they don’t.


Marcella Hoard, Senior Account Executive

Good: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

I’ve grown up watching it and, while the floats are pretty predictable, it’s a lot of fun to see what Broadway shows will be preforming and which celebrities will be riding floats. There is also something electric about seeing it all in New York City to kick off the holidays.

Bad: Watching the Detroit Lions Lose (Again)

My family is a huge sports-watching family, so football—college and pro—is on from sunup to sundown throughout Thanksgiving, as well as any other day of the week a game might be televised. I typically enjoy watching sports, especially college sports, but it’s overkill. To make matters worse, my mom is from the Detroit area. How many times can you really watch the Detroit Lions lose on Thanksgiving?


Rachel Leininger, PR Manager

Good: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and National Dog Show

It’s important to pick out the perfect blanket and viewing position for the parade and dog show. The plan is to not move until both are over. Of course, napping is included.

Bad: The Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins

It’s 2019, people. Let’s move on.


Brian McCulloh, Senior Developer

Good: Transition to the Christmas season

Thanksgiving is a license to blast Christmas music and put up tree decorations.

Bad: Black Friday

There are so many (I’m an anti-traditionalist). Let’s start with Black Friday, which offends me on several levels. I celebrate Buy Nothing Day.


Melissa Sunsdahl, Director of Account Service

Good: My family’s homemade noodles

I use a recipe passed down from my mom, and her mom, and lots of generations before that. We serve them over mashed potatoes, instead of gravy, and they’re delicious.

Bad: 24 hours of “A Christmas Story” on TBS

I hate the scene with Santa and the slide. That’s what nightmares are made of.


Casey Cawthon, Director of Public Relations

Good: Being Thankful

My son and I share what we are most thankful for with each other.

Bad: I’m in PR. I concentrate on the good stuff.


Abbie Spahn, Operations Manager

Good: Pie

Eating too much pie with my family.

Bad: Pie

How much my stomach hurts after I’ve eaten said pie.


Alex Williams, Account Coordinator

Good: Getting the entire family together.

Bad: Getting the entire family together.


Cathy Kightlinger, Writer/Producer

Good: Cooking for Family

This is the first year I’m hosting and about the fifth time I’ve made a meal without a microwave in my life. It could turn ugly, or become the start of a beautiful, new tradition.

Bad: Hugging

If I talk to you less than five times a year, how about another warm verbal exchange?


Whatever your traditions, we wish you, your family, and friends a warm, happy Thanksgiving!