Holiday Advertising Done Right: 2019’s Best Christmas Commercials

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With the holidays upon us, thoughts turn to family gatherings, gifts wrapped in colorful paper and, if you’re in the advertising business, Christmas commercials.

This is the time when marketing departments around the globe redefine everything they peddle—from sweet and savory treats to computers and streaming services— into holiday hype.

The goal is to reach our psyches, creating memories and defining brands, sometimes to generations of consumers. Think of Coca-Cola’s holiday polar bears or, if you’re a certain age, the drink’s famed 1970s “I’d like to Buy the World a Coke” commercial, complete with a jingle so perfect it later became the hit “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony).”

Here’s our list of 2019’s best Christmas commercials (and a couple of classics we’ll never forget):


Argos—The Book of Dreams

The British catalog retailer delves into a father’s rock ‘n’ roll dreams when he sees the drum kit his daughter wants for Christmas. If you love music, you’ll love this.


Apple—The Surprise

Make sure there’s a box of tissue nearby when you watch.


FedEx—Cardboard Box

This one’s for you if your kids like the boxes their toys come in as much as the toys.


Frito Lay—My Favorite Things

Julie Andrews listed her favorite things in 1965’s “The Sound of Music.” This year, Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick is doing a remake with a crunchy twist.


Subaru—Share the Love

Watch it after a couple of cups of eggnog and you might end up with a new puppy and an SUV to drive your furry friend around.


Boots—Introducing Bootiques

The UK health, beauty and pharmacy retailer gets our collective attention by pointing out our individuality.


John Lewis & Partners—Christmas 2011

The British seem to have Christmas advertising figured out and this one, from the department store chain John Lewis, makes us want to be this kid’s parents.

Check out their 2018 ad, starring Elton John, too. Or just give in and go straight to and find something to buy.

Speaking of 2011, Scottish soft drink maker IRN-BRU 2011 Snowman commercial, in which a kid forgets what’s good for him, may not be for everybody but it’s one of Well Done’s favorites.