Making Health Possible? More than Possible.

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Health Possible video still

If our long association with health systems and healthcare professionals has taught us anything, it’s that the dedication to health and healing is real. That’s one reason we’ve always sought to work with healthcare clients: We believe their missions are noble, and we’re honored to be in a position to help them achieve great things for the people the serve.

Hancock Health is one of those clients—and one of the ways we’ve helped them over the years is by creating and cultivating a steady stream of great health information for their community. It’s been a big part of Hancock’s commitment to making health possible for Hancock County and beyond.

Which is why we’re so excited about the launch of a new magazine-style website. It’s filled with great content, quizzes, tips on health and nutrition and exercise—and a lot more. Because the team at Hancock Health believes “making health possible” is about a lot more than your physical health. It’s also about your mental and emotional health, and your spiritual health, and how you feel about your relationships and your finances and the health of everyone around you.

The home page.

We love the site, if we do say so ourselves. We’re also partial to the animated campaign we developed to launch the site, with a little help from our friends Penelope Dullaghan, SALT, and Earshot Audiopost. Shout-out to the good Dr. Seuss, too.