Downtown Indianapolis Murals for Racial Justice

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We’ve closely followed as events unfolded in our city and across the country since the death of George Floyd reignited the message that Black Lives Matter. We were so moved by the beautiful murals installed downtown as part of the Murals for Racial Justice Project that we sent Art Director Andrew Griswold to capture them before they’re taken down and preserved in other formats

With the permission of the artists, we’re featuring some of the murals on our homepage banner. Here is more information on each of the artists, their work, and an organization they support. 


Ess McKee racial justice mural

By Ess McKee

About: Ess McKee’s creative liberation is an act of rebellion. Drawing inspiration from urban street art, much of Ess’s work is crafted with the grunge of city culture, the sounds of shaking spray cans, and the smell of aerosol in mind. Mixing mediums, her personal expression manifests in the form of typographic prose, abstract paintings, photographic narration, handcrafted objects, character illustrations and digital imagery. Currently, Ess is a teaching artist with ReGeneration Indy, a high school track and field coach, and a full-time graphic designer/visual artist/illustrator/photographer and owner of INAZ Dezign LLC.


Israel Solomon muralBy Israel Solomon 

About: Israel Solomon is a visual artist and art educator who currently works primarily within the Indianapolis area. Israel has chosen to dedicate his professional life to his art and educating others. He intends to reach for the sky by sharing his artwork, knowledge, and experiences with people of all ages.

Charity or Cause: KIPP Indy Public Schools


Rebecca Robinson mural

By Rebecca Robinson

About: As a visual artist, Rebecca loves to use a wide range of media, including acrylic on canvas, tar, concrete, white latex, stained glass paint, mixed media, and the technique of collage. She developed a distinctive monotone palette using her favorite medium, concrete and tar, which explores the relationship between negative space and contrast of subject matter. Her mission is to continue creating unique techniques and challenging myself as an artist. Find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Charity or Cause: ONE ARRT, a nonprofit venture for creatives that she founded. Its mission is to become the first black-owned art supply brand that sells quality art supplies. For every ONE ARRT product sold, a percentage of profits is donated in support of creative ventures across the country  in need of financial support. 


Gary Gee mural

By Gary Gee

About: Gary began his career in graphic design with an associate’s degree in visual communications, then received his BFA from Herron School of Art & Design in 2016, which allowed him to move his work into a more self-expressive form. He is a painter and a sculptor creating works on canvas and ceramic sculpture, often using non-traditional substrates and an incongruous mix of different media. His work references urban street art, art history, and hip hop culture. Gary describes his work as very “take-charge” with loud, aggressive, and vibrant riffs that pour from his heart and soul.