Well Done Wants You to Vote

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Lady Victory with "I Voted" sticker

Regardless of your politics, I think we all can agree this election has been the most polarizing in our lifetime. While much of the election information is more noise than news, one thing is true: 

In the midst of a chaotic year—or perhaps because of it—Americans are exercising their right to vote in record numbers

And that’s not an easy thing to do. Misinformation about absentee ballots has many people concerned their vote won’t count. For those willing to vote in person, the number of early polling locations has been reduced. And, because of Covid, fewer people are willing to volunteer. As a result, people in some states are waiting 10 or more hours or more to cast their ballot. Our hometown of Indianapolis has reported lines up to eight hours long.

There is no indication that any of this will change by Election Day, which is why Well Done made the decision to give our team the day off. Voting is too important a right for people to feel pressure to leave the line to make a work deadline. Not just for this election, either. Election Day will be a holiday for our team going forward, because every state, local, and county election on every ballot is just as important.

We’ve learned a lot about the election process from our client, the Marion County Election Board. And while we may not know who wins the presidential election by midnight, we know the Election Board is working hard behind the scenes to make sure every vote is counted.

We also know not everyone gets the day off to go to the polls. That’s why there are three ways you can vote in Indiana: absentee, early in person, and on Election Day. Your voice matters, and so does your vote. Make yourself heard.

Want to spread the word about voting in Indianapolis? Visit the full digital toolkit for some helpful materials the Marion County Election Board (and Well Done) hope you’ll share. You can check out a preview below.