Suffice it to say that this year has been one like no other for most of us. One point of solace, for me, has been that the pace hasn’t stopped at Well Done Marketing—in fact, it’s picked up steam as the year has gone by. As routine and life have been upended, the work of helping our clients continue to serve their communities and audiences has remained, providing distraction and a bit of normalcy while navigating the new normal of pandemic living.

When the year started, the web team was well into a few major website projects and continued to kick off new ones as we transitioned into our fully remote work lives, not missing a beat. As we’ve rolled from project to project, though, it’s been trickier than ever to celebrate these wins. The sweat equity that goes into strategizing, designing, building, and launching a new website can’t be overstated, especially when teams are working remotely while striving to facilitate a collaborative experience for the client. Before I get misty-eyed, as I’m known to do, let me share some of the websites the Well Done Marketing team has launched in 2020.

Decatur Direct

Public Awareness Website

Decatur Direct website displayed on mobile devices

We worked with architecture and construction firm DLZ on the first phase of its AmeriPlex Parkway extension to raise public awareness of the project. DLZ was selected by the City of Indianapolis to design and construct a new 2.2-mile road in Decatur Township, essentially an extension of AmeriPlex Parkway. This is the first new Marion County road project in decades.

In addition to developing the name, logo mark, and brand guidelines for the road name project, our team created a slew of collateral and assets, provided PR consultation and training, communication tools, and of course, a clean, thoughtful, and informative website for the initiative.

Check it out.

Damar Services

Nonprofit Website: Developmental Services

Screenshots of Damar website pages

One word: Remarkable. The passion that fuels the expertise and quality of care exhibited by the Damar Services team is inspiring. We worked with Damar—one of the nation’s leaders in serving people with developmental, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities—on a comprehensive website rebuild that serves multiple audiences, expands upon and better organizes their service offerings, puts people of all abilities first in terms of design and accessibility, and provides a backdrop for Damar’s ongoing capital campaign.

Digital Strategist Christine Hudson talked more in-depth about the project and process in a recent blog post. Give it a read, and see the site for yourself.


Health-focused Lifestyle Website website displayed on mobile devices

We’ve been the agency of record for Hancock Health for a couple of years now, helping them to create and cultivate a steady stream of great, reliable health information for their community. It’s a big part of Hancock’s commitment to making health possible for Hancock County and beyond.

This year we worked with Hancock Health to build and launch a new magazine-style website: Check it out for articles and tips on health nutrition, exercise, and more. Find your health style while you’re there!


Manufacturing Website

Screenshot of website pages

IMMI, a well-established global leader in safety innovation and product manufacturing, came to us with a fractured web presence consisting of four websites, that had a difficult, bulky user experience across all of them. We set out to streamline their web presence and UX, improve their local and global SEO, and help focus their brands into one cohesive experience.

We started by auditing all their websites and putting together migration and sitemap recommendations, before reviewing everything with their team and mapping out a flexible structure that would allow them to reuse components across pages, while also retaining originality and customization. The end product is a much cleaner, clearer, and more authoritative website presence that reflects their status and expertise.

Take a look.


Recruitment Website: Veteran Workforce website displayed on mobile devices

The INvets website project was part of a comprehensive rebranding effort for the nonprofit public/private partnership with the State of Indiana, focused on attracting, retaining, and cultivating our state’s veteran work force.

A big objective for the INvets website rebuild was to create a cohesive and comprehensive user experience that goes above and beyond what we saw in typical veteran recruitment sites. We created an entire section dedicated to industry and career pathway exploration; informative landing pages for Indiana’s various regions to help veterans and their families make the decision to move here; resource pages for career development, building connections, and moving to Indiana; and convenient jumping-off points to INvets’ web app dashboard. And, in my biased opinion, it all looks really darn cool.

Read more about the process and immediate results, and check out the site.

NineStar Connect

Utility Services Website

Screenshots of the NineStar Connect Website

Imagine an organization that delivers not only basic utilities like water and electricity to rural communities, but also competes with global brands to provide internet, TV and phone packages, home security and automation, and a menu of business offerings. And is super ingrained in its community. That’s a lot—and that’s NineStar Connect.

The vision for the NineStar Connect website rebuild was to provide a streamlined and intuitive experience for visitors that allows them to easily find what they’re looking for, or easily connect with NineStar when they aren’t sure. We also wanted to convey a feeling and understanding of what sets NineStar apart from mainstream providers, and why when given the choice for service offerings, NineStar is the answer.

Browse the site.

Prairie State Energy Campus

Interactive Annual Report

The Prairie State Energy Campus website displayed on mobile devices

The Prairie State Energy Year in Review landing page is a perennial favorite for the WDM creative and web teams. For the last few years, we’ve worked with Prairie State Energy Campus—a brainchild of nine non-profit public power utilities committed to providing clean, reliable, and affordable energy for their members—to digitize their annual report. Not only digitize it but create an interactive experience that uses fun animations to break up blocks of text and lots of statistics.

Give the 2019 page a scroll.

The Internet Stops for No One

What a year, right? As a digital nerd, I’d be happy to also list out the numerous campaign pages, functionality upgrades, and WordPress refactor projects our design and dev teams got in on—like the Marion County Election Board’s 2020 voting toolkit, the state’s #INThisTogether microsite, and our own Quarantisms landing page—but I’ve got to get to some 2021 digital planning.