When It Really is Brain Surgery: A Look Inside the New GoodmanCampbell.com

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Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine is one of the nation’s leading and largest neurosurgery practices. Their surgeons and specialists treat some of the most complex brain and spine cases with astounding results. A practice at the top of its game needs a website that reflects that same level of expertise, sophistication, and professionalism. So that’s what we set out to do.

The Objectives

  • Communicate with patients and physicians alike: Goodman Campbell’s website needed to speak to multiple audiences on multiple levels: Patients, prospective patients, and their families researching conditions and treatment options; referring physicians vetting the practice and looking for referral information; and medical students, residents, and fellows looking for the next step in their neurosurgery career. We knew we needed to develop website content that would strike a perfect balance in both tone and language to communicate effectively with all of Goodman Campbell’s audiences.
  • Present an encyclopedia of conditions and treatments: Not only did we want to show the breadth of conditions that Goodman Campbell treats and the treatments they provide, we also wanted to give enough detail on each of these topics to leave visitors feeling confident in Goodman Campbell’s expertise and knowledge. We also created this content with a goal of increasing non-branded keyword rankings and organic traffic.
  • Demonstrate Goodman Campbell’s expertise: Goodman Campbell is the best of the best when it comes to brain and spine care. They needed a site that’s the best of the best of neurosurgery websites. This meant a clear and consistent user experience, imagery that reflected their state-of-the-art space and technology, and content that reflected the training, expertise, and accomplishments of their physicians.
  • Show off patient success stories: The most inspiring part about the work Goodman Campbell does is the way they transform their patients’ lives. We wanted to paint a clear and compelling picture of the difference they have made: restoring people back to the lives, activities, and dreams they had before their injury or disease.
  • Move the site from a custom CMS to WordPress: The old GoodmanCampbell.com was built on a custom, proprietary CMS that made it difficult to update and wasn’t ideal for SEO. Creating a new site on WordPress gave the client more control over their content, offered more flexibility in design and functionality, and provided a more solid foundation and more tools to optimize for search engines.

How We Did It

  • Held website discovery meetings: Well Done and Goodman Campbell have been working together for more than four years, so we were already familiar with their team, brand, and business and marketing goals. For the website, we took a deeper dive into the website goals, audiences, conversions, design preferences, and functionality the client needed to accomplish their larger business goals.
  • Adapted to changing business structure: Over the course of this project, Goodman Campbell made changes in leadership that impacted the marketing team; split from one local hospital and formed a partnership with another hospital; and faced new competition in light of these partnership changes. Our team and the client’s marketing team had to quickly pivot and adapt to these developments.
  • Audited the existing website and competitor sites: We took a close look at their website performance and user experience—what was working, what wasn’t, where people were getting lost, and where there were gaps in content. We also analyzed competitor sites to better understand the landscape of neurosurgery practice sites.
  • Created the sitemap: We completely overhauled the content strategy and hierarchy of the website, considering the ways in which patients search for and engage with healthcare content. This process went through several iterations and rounds of feedback with the client, as we needed to ensure content organization made sense from a patient and a clinical perspective.
  • Designed and developed the website: Our web designers and developers closely collaborated to make sure that the website accomplished the client’s goals from design, aesthetic, functionality, and accessibility perspectives. And that it was all created within scope and a tight timeline for launch.
  • Used GatherContent to write, organize, and collaborate with the client on content production: In order to reflect Goodman Campbell’s expertise, we asked their experts to contribute to the content creation of the website. We used a content collaboration tool called GatherContent to develop page outlines for Goodman Campbell’s neurosurgeons to write to, which we were then able to edit and upload to the website.
  • Photographed Goodman Campbell’s offices and staff: We conducted multiple photoshoots onsite with the client to create a library of photographs that reflected Goodman Campbell’s state-of-the-art facilities, friendly physicians, and bright aesthetic for the site.

The Results

  • New and better organized content: The new website has more than 320 pages of unique, original content, including blog posts, treatments, conditions, physician bios, info for new patients and more. Between our copywriters and Goodman Campbell’s team, we wrote all of this to specifically fit the goals, design, and information architecture of the new site.
  • A home for a beautiful campaign: Around the same time that we launched the new site, we also launched a brand campaign for Goodman Campbell that featured videos of the practice and some of their most compelling patient cases. The new site provided a perfect backdrop to feature the imagery and messaging of this campaign and to showcase the videos we created for it.
  • Double-digit increases in organic rankings and traffic: As of the writing of this post, GoodmanCampbell.com organic keyword rankings in the top 100 positions on Google have risen by 54% since launch, and organic search traffic to the site has increased by 31%, year-over-year.
  • Improved navigation: On the new site, no page is more than three clicks away, and every page fits into a clearly labeled and intuitive menu structure. This, among other changes, resulted in a 21% increase in overall time on site and a 74% increase in contact from submissions from all non-paid channels.

We’re proud of the work we did with Goodman Campbell, and proud to work with such an innovative, thoughtful practice that is saving lives every day. To explore the new website, visit GoodmanCampbell.com, or see more of our campaign work with Goodman Campbell here.