Well Done’s Newest Hire is Ready to Make a Splash

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Kylie Mihok swimming in competition

Kylie may have spent her formative years staying in her lane, but now that she’s jumped out of the pool and into the accounts and new business race, she’s excited to get up to speed on absolutely everything Well Done does for our varied clients. Meet the newest addition to the Well Done team: Kylie Mihok.

Q: So, Kylie, tell us a little about yourself!

Well, it’s kind of a funny question to answer at this point. I was a swimmer my whole life. I’ve been a medalist at the state, sectional, and national levels. I was focused on waking up early, hopping into the cold pool, going to school and eat, sleep, repeat. Swimming was the thing that kept me on-track and motivated. It helped me develop skill sets I use today: the organization and the time management it taught me are essential to being a great member of any team. And, ultimately, it brought me to the University of North Carolina—my dream school. That opportunity wouldn’t have been out there were it not for swimming. But I’m finally at the point where I need to re-identify myself. Who I am now, I’m not sure, but I know that the path I’m on started with finding out that I love the world of communications.

At UNC I double-majored in communications and media journalism. Those classes were the first time in my life that I was truly interested in what I was studying, and even more, they seemed fun! I was motivated and interested in the material I was learning and the work I was doing, even beyond just getting good grades.  Before then I was never the person to contribute in big class discussions—I was pretty shy. Finally I found myself in discussions that I wanted to have a voice in, projects I actually enjoyed working on. It was a pivotal point of college, and set me on the path here.

Q: So what led you to Well Done’s doorstep?

I graduated during the pandemic and moved home with the uncertainty of it all. In the midst of applying for a full-time job, I grabbed a part-time position with Lululemon, alongside Lisa Vielee’s sister-in-law. Lisa and I had an informational interview, and that’s what led me to find the account coordinator position. I saw what clients Well Done works with. I love the way Well Done aligns itself with the community and the culture with a great team, and I knew it was where I wanted to be.

Q: Are there any clients or industries you’re particularly interested in working with?

My dad worked for Lilly, and I saw the #INThisTogether campaign Well Done did in conjunction with them. I loved that! I was really interested in biology and neuroscience in high school. That interest, combined with my majors, positions me to work well with the healthcare clients Well Done does such great work for.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish at Well Done?

I want to grow as a person—to find out everything Kylie 2.0 has to offer. She seems to be shaping up as an accounts and new business queen. I’m learning as much as I possibly can and soaking it all in. In the two weeks I’ve been here, I’ve already learned so much! I hope I can make a difference for our clients and the rest of the team.

Q: What have you learned in your first week?

All the basics are soaking in slowly but surely. Melissa, Well Done’s director of account services, has set up a unique onboarding for me. Over the next 12 weeks, I’ll be shadowing each of the accounts team, and spending time on both new business and accounts. Kristin, the senior account executive at Well Done, has been a great person to shadow over the last couple weeks. Being so hands-on and in the middle of the action is a really great way for me to learn. I’ve gotten a lot of great exposure on a lot of things! I’ve already gotten to sit in on presentations and a photoshoot. The one thing I’m surprised about is just how much Well Done does. There’s more to being full-service than I imagined.

Q: What are you hoping to learn in the long-term?

I hope to build confidence in myself. It’s something that I think held me back in getting my first role. I want to improve on public speaking, and I know that’s a matter of doing more of it. I know that just working with the team and learning more and more all the time will help me build that confidence.

Q: We are nothing if not a confident bunch. I’m sure you’ll find yours along the way. Any fun facts? 

I raced and beat Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky at the 100 freestyle when I was in high school.

That is fun!