Two years and a baker’s dozen of variants into the pandemic, it may feel a little strange to take a moment to celebrate what’s been going well, but give yourself permission to join me in doing just that. It’s important to recognize that, while we all are waiting for the new normal, there are a lot of things happening in our lives that are just…well…normal. These are the moments I want to remember from 2021.

  • We celebrated two new babies.
  • Toasted an engagement and 13 anniversaries.
  • Bought new houses and moved to new apartments.
  • Brought home two puppies who are in the running for our next Chief Dog Officer.
  • Welcomed four new members of the Well Done team. Meet them here, here, here, and here.)
  • And thanked those who left for their next adventure for all they’ve contributed over the years.

All while we also:

  • Were honored as one of the fastest growing companies in the IBJ Fast 25.
  • Received 9 awards for our work in healthcare marketing.
  • Created new brands for an equipment company and a central Indiana tourism staple. (Stay tuned for more information!)
  • Developed and/or maintained 24 websites.
  • Produced 90+ videos.
  • Worked on 308 separate projects.
  • Wrote 672 organic social media posts.
  • Placed 3,754 stories or mentions in the press.
  • And bought just under $1 million worth of digital media for clients.

Before the end of the year, we have one more milestone to celebrate when our founder, Ken Honeywell, retires. He says he’s an old man when it comes to the agency business. All I know is it’s been an honor to work with such a celebrated writer and storyteller.

Fortunately, Ken’s not going far, and we still have his number, but we will have to get used to not hearing the familiar whir of the treadmill belt. At least he is leaving the couch Peyton Manning sat on in a commercial once. Hopefully he’ll leave the GI Joes and the Isuzu grill too. Ask anyone at Well Done to tell some of those stories. They’re the kinds of moments I’ll always treasure.