Before the final bell tolls on another weird year, like most folks we’re taking a glance back before we jump into 2022. With that retrospective look in mind, we want to call your attention to a few of our favorite Well Done blog posts from the year. Hopefully, you’re reminded of something you loved along the way—or you’re introduced to something you missed.

Cathy Goes Back to School

After a career in journalism, our copywriter Cathy Kightlinger has pivoted to using her skills as a wordsmith on behalf of our clients. That took some adjustments. It also took 10 weeks in a grammar course through UC San Diego Extension this year. See what Cathy learned along the way, and how she plans to put it to use crafting persuasive copy going forward.

Ranking the 2021 Super Bowl Ads

Our associate creative director, Nick Honeywell might be an overachiever. When the Super Bowl rolled around this year, it wasn’t enough for him to put together the obligatory agency blog post highlighting our handful of favorite television commercials. Instead, Nick watched and reviewed nearly every last one. He’s either an overachiever or a masochist. The bottom line is, Nick is a connoisseur of great advertising, and his appetite is insatiable.

Introducing: The Commanist Party

We’re passionate about the Oxford comma around here. So passionate, in fact, we wrote a manifesto and launched a political party extolling its virtues. If you believe in clarity, equality, and unity, we’d love to have you as a card-carrying member of the Commanist Party. So, join us, comma-rade. All hail the People’s Comma!

Backboard Legends of Indiana

In March, Indianapolis—the basketball capital of the world—played host to the entire NCAA tournament. That’s right, the road to the Final Four was a roundabout this year with 64 teams circling our beautiful monument on their way to victory.

To welcome college basketball fans from across the country, our creative director devised an itinerary for the perfect week in Indy–and a few things worth returning for on a subsequent visit. Then, we unleashed our designers who put together a poster featuring unique backboards, each an homage to Indiana basketball legends like Gordon Hayward, Oscar Robertson, John Wooden, and others. We put the poster and a t-shirt up for sale, with the proceeds benefiting Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis. Spoiler alert: everybody wins.

Ken’s Parting Words of Wisdom

When the door closes on 2021, our founder and longtime creative director, Ken Honeywell will retire. After 40 years in the advertising business, Ken doesn’t owe anyone any pearls of wisdom on his way out. He’s done more than enough great work for too many great clients to count. But luckily for all of us, Ken is generous. So, he put together a post highlighting five lessons he’s learned over the years. Dive in and launch your next career as a big shot advertising exec.

There you have it, a few of the posts that we glanced back upon with fondness this year. We hope you found them enlightening, or at least mildly entertaining. If you did, consider signing up for our newsletter. That way, you’ll get the goods delivered to your inbox once a month. We promise not to spam you. We’ll only share brilliant marketing ideas and turn your attention to things that pique our interest. Let’s be pen pals.