Dedicated to Our Clients

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Nothing beats seeing our work out in the wild. It’s even better when the client calls saying their target audiences are reacting to it too.

Recognition from our peers isn’t so bad either. When the Indianapolis chapter of the American Advertising Federation handed out ADDY Awards this year, Well Done received four.  The in-person ceremony is still pending, so we haven’t been able to give an acceptance speech yet. If we could, it might have gone something like this:

They say there is no “I” in the word team but there is an “I” in winning. Actually there are two. But that’s not really the point. There is an “A” in team and that “A” feels awesome. It’s not like an “A” on a college essay though. We’ve never done things just for the sake of a good grade.

We do this work because it makes us proud and hopefully makes the world a little bit better. That may be helping people find the care they need, giving them a good laugh, or letting them cry happy tears. But no one should laugh at someone who’s crying because that’s not very empathetic and we pride ourselves on being kind. And on doing kick-ass work.

So we’d like to dedicate these awards to our clients and the bomb-diggity work they give us the chance to do every day. 

backboard-legendsSilver ADDY: Brand Elements – Backboard Legends Poster

When Indianapolis hosted all 64 teams for the 2021 NCAA March Madness Tournament, Well Done created a limited-edition poster and campaign featuring some iconic backboards and the basketball legends that inspired them.


Silver ADDY: Integrated Advertising Campaign – Hancock Gateway Grouchies Campaign

Let’s be honest. Healthcare advertising can get repetitive. To stand out in a crowded market, Gateway Hancock Health let us have a little fun dramatizing the difference between them and other urgent care and testing facilities. Enter: The Grouchies.


Silver ADDY: Local TV Commercial :60 Seconds or More – Health Possible Launch Video

When you have a client like Hancock Health, you get to do more than connect people with physicians and healthcare systems. You have the opportunity to help the whole county make Health Possible.


Gold ADDY: Integrated Advertising Campaign – Goodman Campbell Brand Campaign

Advertising isn’t brain surgery. Except when it is about brain surgeons. With Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, it’s also about helping patients get back to “the you inside you.”