No Sweat: Senior Digital Strategist Stephanie Jimenez is Ready to Get Creative

3 min read

Stephanie Jimenez might be new to Indianapolis, but she brings with her experience that is both varied and focused. After jumping into the world of digital strategy with two feet, Stephanie hasn’t looked back, building a portfolio of expertise that spans from health care to nonprofits and keywords to campaign cadence. We sat down with the new Indy native to hear what led her to join the Well Done team. 

Q: So, Stephanie, tell me a little about your career. What led you to Well Done’s door?

Well, I spent several years at a nonprofit in marketing and administration before switching gears and jumping into digital marketing at a corporate agency. I really loved the nonprofit work I’d done in the past and found Well Done through the great work the agency has done for nonprofits. I got really excited about the prospect of working with clients making the world a better place. I’m excited to use the skills I’ve developed through my corporate agency experience to help nonprofits and other organizations define their goals, get in front of the people they can help, and change the world one connection at a time. I’m really excited to be a part of the team. 

Q: We’re excited to have you here! Tell me, what was it that led you to digital strategy in the first place? 

I joined a digital agency in Bloomington that was just starting up. They had a program that took people with marketing skills and trained them in digital marketing skills so I learned digital marketing from the ground up. I really like that it allows me to be both creative and strategic. I get to take my prior knowledge and try things out and test them and constantly improve things. It uses both sides of my brain while helping clients achieve their goals. 

Q: Is finding things that flex both sides of your brain something you really enjoy?

Yeah, I guess it is! I grew up playing the piano, and now I apply that to working out and hand lettering. I taught myself hand lettering—brush and dip pen calligraphy. Things that allow me to be creative and precise while constantly improving. 

Q: What kinds of clients are you most excited to work with?

My experience really aligns with Well Done’s clients in health care and education. My background in working in digital strategy for health care, especially, has made me excited about working with some of Well Done’s clients in that sector. But learning about all the sectors Well Done has its hands in is also really exciting to me. I love that challenge and change.  

Q: What do you do outside of work for fun? 

I’m training for some half marathons, I’ve been weightlifting, and I love learning about living a healthy lifestyle. But everything in balance, so I also love to bake!

Q: We love baked goods around here—what’s your specialty?

I make vegan cookies that don’t even taste like they’re vegan!

It sounds like time for another staff cookie bake off. Welcome to the team, Stephanie!