From Music City to Indy Agency Life: Meet Associate Creative Director Jonathan Frazier

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A pandemic transplant from Music City, Jonathan Frazier brings film production chops and more than a decade of freelance work to his new role as associate creative director with Well Done. Read on to see what Jonathan is enjoying about his new hometown, which teen heartthrobs he’s worked with behind and in front of the camera, and his hopes for the next phase of his career at a marketing agency.

Q: Jonathan, tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: I was born the youngest of three boys and raised on Florida’s space coast, where shuttle launches were the norm and I never knew enclosed hallways at a school were a thing. In 2006, I got the bug to move to Nashville, Tennessee, after an impromptu visit during peak fall weather. Sometimes a Florida kid just wants a legit reason to wear that hoodie that’s been taking up space in the closet, ya know? Anyway, less than a month after moving to Nashville, I met the most captivating midwestern girl. Over time, she agreed to marry me. We have three kids—two girls and a boy—and made the move to Indianapolis in the fall of 2020 to be closer to her family. 

Q: You’ll find plenty of reasons to put that hoodie to good use in Indiana. How old are your kids? What are they into? 

A:  My oldest daughter is 12 and loves all things arts and crafts. She’s also taken a liking to theater, and recently enrolled in a production design class as well. My son is eight, and enjoys soccer, basketball, and any opportunity to watch Lord of the Rings with his mom. My youngest is three, and is a classic wild-haired toddler. Whatever she loves one minute, might annoy her the next. That said, a good tickle-fest always wins her over.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your new hometown? 

A: When the cold and gray go away.

Jokes aside, I have been pleasantly surprised by two things that I thoroughly enjoy: the local arts and brewery scenes. From the Indy Fringe Festival to local theaters like Kan-Kan, and the abundance of tasty, friendly watering holes (shoutout to animal-centric Metazoa!). I’ve found a supportive, welcoming community that I’m proud to be a part of. 

Q: If you’re a Metazoa fan, does that mean you’re also an animal lover? Well Done doubles as a dog daycare facility, so you’ll be right at home here. 

A: There’s something about a dog leash in one hand and a beer in the other that makes everyone more friendly. And yes! I’ve heard we are a very dog-friendly office, which I love. 

Q: What led you to Well Done Marketing?

A: For some time now, I’ve had this hunch that my sensibilities (eccentricities, perhaps?) just might fit in on the agency side. After 14 years on the brand and freelance side, I decided it was time to test my hypothesis.

When I came across Well Done, it was the language you use to describe yourselves and your clients that really drew me in. The care for people, the posture of learning, and the conviction to make bold work for a better world—I immediately knew it was a place I would be privileged to be a part of.

Q: Tell us more about that in-house brand and freelance experience. What kind of work were you doing before you got here? You have some film production chops, right?  

A: ​​I’ve covered a fair amount of ground in my time. In-house experience includes high growth technology companies in both D2C and B2B spaces, nonprofits, and financial services. Freelance experience includes working on projects for folks like Microsoft, PBS, Universal Music, ESPN, and Xbox. 

And yes, the majority of that freelance work comes from film production. I cut my creative teeth in still photography, and then really found my passion on the film production side around 2010 when I was shooting BTS on a feature film. I was awestruck by the camaraderie, intentionality, and scope of the project—both in terms of creative execution and the highly skilled people required to pull it all off. I’ve been hooked ever since. 

Q: How do you view your role as Associate Creative Director at Well Done? 

A: One of my greatest convictions in life and work is, “You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.” Thankfully, the moment I stepped through the Well Done doors I was flanked on all sides by copious amounts of talent and generosity.

As an associate creative director, I get the opportunity to guide, grow, and empower people and ideas, all while promoting the stellar work of our clients.

Q: Are there any Well Done clients or industries you’re particularly excited about?
A: Well Done’s clients, though covering a range of industries, all seem to be dedicated to work that positively impacts their community. How can one not be excited about that?

Q: What do you do in your free time?
A: A friend gifted me an old 35mm rangefinder last year, and it has reignited my passion for still photography. I also love watching soccer with my wife (Manchester United and Nashville SC for those asking—and now mad), grilling out with friends in the warmer months, and the occasional woodworking project. 

Q: Have you found any great spots to shoot since moving to Indy?
A: I’m less about spots, and more about the events unfolding and the people involved. Seeing as I’m a parent with young, active children, most of the time that simply means wherever my family and I are adventuring out to on any given day—even if it’s just our backyard.

Q: What else should we know about you?
A: One of my ancestors rode with Paul Revere on his famous Midnight Ride. Both of my grandfathers worked at NASA—one of them specifically on the Apollo missions. My wife and I were featured in a Justin Bieber music video. I once held Taylor Swift still on a boogie board so she didn’t float away. And last but not least, I am the proud owner of an accidental five-legged lion tattoo. 

Q: An accidental fifth leg sounds like your tattoo artist could’ve used an associate creative director/art director with a keen eye.
A: I got it while traveling internationally, and didn’t even recognize what had happened until I returned home and showed it to my oldest daughter. It took her all of two seconds to recognize that something was out of place.

Welcome to the creative team, Jonathan! We may have fewer opportunities for megastar music video shoots, but we’re confident we’re going to keep you busy. And you’ll find the artists across the street at Fountain Square Tattoo know how to count their legs.