Learning the Ropes: My Intern Experience at Well Done

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Growing up, I held a vague idea of my future. I knew I wanted to do something related to helping others, community, or design. One thing I tried was job shadowing a veterinarian—but after watching doggy jaw surgery, I was a bit overwhelmed and decided that idea was off the table.

That experience led me to start exploring graphic design. I decided that one of the best ways I could help others with philanthropic design projects was to study strategic communications with a concentration in advertising, which I’ve been doing at Butler University.

My time at Butler encouraged me to start searching for summer internships this spring. By then, many in-person summer intern positions were filled, or the organizations I was looking at were wanting older candidates. Luckily, I came across Well Done Marketing while searching for advertising firms in Indianapolis. I kept researching the company—mostly on social media—and the fact that Well Done encourages bringing dogs into work really sold me. So I sent over my resume, had an interview, and crossed my fingers for luck. It worked, and I was quickly hired as an operations intern.

What I Did at Well Done

My responsibilities as an intern included filing, inventorying equipment, tracking vendor files, and organizing paid media. These opportunities helped me learn more about the technology and people that make up a marketing firm and gave me an introduction to marketing finance. Other stuff I got to do as an intern included attending photoshoots and commercial film sets, meetings, and brainstorming sessions. I even had the opportunity to do some design work that I can add to my portfolio. Important tip for any intern: The discovery of a top-load scanner will change your life.

One of my secondary responsibilities was to become one with my surroundings—a task I took very seriously. So I immersed myself in the Fountain Square neighborhood where Well Done is located and did a bit of exploring. Some of my favorite places I discovered were Wildwood Grocery and Snakeroot Botanical, among others. I’m now the proud owner of eight house plants!

Completing the Puzzle

Interning helped me understand all the different areas of marketing (i.e. writing, design, account service, development, digital strategy, etc.). That was very valuable to me, as now I have a pretty good idea of how a marketing agency all works together.

As I enter my sophomore year at Butler University, I have a clearer picture of not just agency life, but also where my interests are in this exciting field. I want to give a special thanks to my manager, Jody, and the people I shadowed for a positive introduction to marketing in the real world. Between the supportive team and Fountain Square, I can’t think of a better place than Well Done to help set me up for a bright future in marketing.