In a timely celebration of National Punctuation Day, (September 24, for those who celebrate), The Commanist Party has been recognized by Communication Arts Magazine for its excellence in design in the self-promotion category. A fitting award for a recruitment effort to a righteous cause. 

For those who are new or who missed the first opportunity to become a card-carrying member, we’re not shy about our love of the serial (or series, or Oxford) comma here at Well Done. It’s been years since we made our stance public. And last year we decided it was time to bring together like-minded individuals and raise awareness of this crucial element of style. 

Thus, The Commanist Party was born. 

Here’s everything you need to know about The Party:

Become a member of the Commanist Party. 

Read the Manifesto. 

Hear the opposing party’s rejoinder. 

See our postering efforts in FFD.

Learn the consequences of disrespecting the comma. 

Get the skinny on all 14 punctuation marks. 

Scope out the CA feature. 

We invite you to join the cause and become a member of the Commanist Party in honor of National Punctuation Day—or, to show appreciation for the shameless self-promotion of this blog post. We’ve printed a fresh stack of cards, just for you. 

Here’s to equality, unity, and clarity.