WDM Presents: Very Merry Movie Mashups

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The holiday season is simply too crazy to watch every single festive film out there. So we took the liberty of mashing movies together, with our writers and designers teaming up to create all-new posters and synopses for these soon-to-be holiday classics. Come, let us adore them.

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Die Home Alone

Hans Gruber and company have taken over Nakatomi Plaza, leaving New York City cop John McClane as the only one who can stop them—or so he thinks. Little does he know, 8-year-old Kevin McCallister—who just happened to be visiting Nakatomi Plaza on a holiday tour with his family—was accidentally left behind at the annual Christmas party. Kevin serendipitously links up with John McClane to create the ultimate international terrorist fighting duo (with a serious penchant for booby traps). There are gunfights. Hi-jinks. High-flying paint cans. But only one thing’s for sure: When McCallister and McClane team up, nobody dies alone.

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Bad Frosty

Frosty is one unsavory snowman. Each year, he comes to life around the holidays after taking a puff from his magical corncob pipe. To most, he seems like a harmless snowman—which makes him the perfect master thief and safe cracker. Frosty’s typical target is an unsuspecting family away on holiday vacation, but this year he’s got his coal eyes on something special: a megamansion full of priceless jewelry. If he can pull off the heist, Frosty will retire to the South Pole with his snowball family to spend the rest of his days sipping cherry Icee pops in paradise. Then, something unexpected happens: He discovers the family he’s planning to rob is broke and has no presents, and he’s overcome with compassion. He vows to remain a master thief, but now he’s stealing hearts—and restoring the magic of Christmas.

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How the Gremlins Stole Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve in Whoville. The Grinch is long dead—his heart was three sizes too big, after all—and Cindy Lou Who is all grown up. This year, Gremlins are the hot Christmas gift for every child in Whoville. Unfortunately, because Whos tend to go to bed very early, nobody told them about the whole don’t-feed-the-Gremlins-after-midnight thing. That evening, a baby Gremlin under Cindy Lou Who’s Christmas tree bursts out of the wrapping paper and eats all the cookies left out for Santa. The Gremlin spawns more evil Gremlins, and in just a few minutes the town of Whoville is a smoldering wreck of devastation. Cindy Lou Who quickly mobilizes a militia of Who warriors to stamp out the Gremlin horde and defend the town Christmas tree. Joined by a peaceful good Gremlin—Grizmo—who knows how to combat his evil brethren, the Whos are back to do what they do best: save Christmas.

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Spread the joy this holiday season by downloading and printing an 8.5 x 11 copy of your favorite movie mashup right from the comfort of your own home. Or, if a full-sized poster is more your jam, let us know and we’ll toss you a link to the full-size (27 x 40) version for personal use. Whatever you choose, we wish you happy holidays and a film-tastic new year.