When to Not Market Your Own Agency

3 min read

Well Done Marketing logo under construction

Marketing your own agency is a little bit like cleaning your house. You have good intentions and may even keep a detailed checklist of things to do. Then life happens and other things take priority. And, except for big messes that require immediate attention, your daily cleaning routine consists of picking up dust bunnies and getting the dishes done so you can eat again tomorrow.

Agencies like ours are great at what they do—for our clients. We just aren’t as diligent about keeping our own house clean. Which means we continue to fall short in telling our story. In the past few years, Well Done has been busy building on our strengths while also evolving to meet today’s marketing needs for our clients. Along the way, our team has been doing award-winning, heart-warming, needle-moving work, much of which you probably don’t know about.

For example, we may be best known as an Indianapolis agency, but our team logged plenty of miles this past year traveling out to L.A. and back to the D.C. area. Our campaigns reached people across the Midwest and beyond, with media hits around the country. Our work has been shown at national sales conferences as well as the local charter schools and nonprofits we love. (It really is a great gig, seriously.)

Oh, and did you know we added an entire Strategic Services department when we restructured? Probably not, because we haven’t updated our website to share all the new services we can provide. Have you met our new teammates? They are wonderful, talented humans as well as smart strategists, developers, creatives, and client sages who we want people to get to know.

Even though we have a reputation for being a humble bunch, it is high time to own up to how good we are, and how good we can be for you. Which is why we’ve decided to do something a little counterintuitive.

We are going to scale back our external marketing efforts even more for a while so we can focus on a good deep clean. We’ll use this break to update our brand identity to reflect where we are now and where we are going. We’re also working on a new website, updated work samples and sizzle reel, and a set of case studies that better demonstrate how our strategic planning and creative concepts can result in business-changing KPIs.

What does that mean for you, dear reader? Unfortunately, it means the February issue will be the last monthly newsletter for a while. We’re also taking a blogging hiatus. You’ll see less activity on our social media channels, and we may have to say no to speaking engagements for a month or two.

As every good AE knows, sometimes you need a little pressure to keep from procrastinating. One thing we all know is that our self-imposed marketing sabbatical will pay off in the long run. I can’t wait to introduce you to the new Well Done Marketing very soon.